The 140.000 (former) inhabitants of occupied Curacao are/were caught between a rock and hard place, as the Dutch government in The Hague works harder every day to remove them from their sunny island in which they were born, analysts and residents warn.

That process, they say, has only accelerated in the wake of King Alexander’s decision a to relocate the islanders to the Netherlands, effectively endorsing the Dutch colonial businessmen aka invaders to exclusively annex the ABC Islands.

With money and tourism as the main weapon, under the disguise of autonomy and development, austerity measures are forcing the locals to hand over of public properties, such as the airport, shipping port and refinery, leading to planned deportation to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hague wants the government in Willemstad to understand that they are trapped, that they are being strangled, in the hope they will conclude that life is better far away from outside Curaçao.

Human trafficking is a very lucrative business, as the local work force is being replaced by Haitians, Colombians, Dominicans and other Latin American low wage labor slaves. Now the natives comprise about only 24% of the total population of this artificially fabricated society.

Since Holland and their entrepreneurs seized the island Curaçao with the introduction of PAR and illegally annexed the former colony in 10-10-10, it has intentionally left the extorted status of its population unresolved.

Dutch officials have made the local citizens there “permanent residents,” though, in practice, their residency is easily revoked. According to updated statistics, more than 100.000 Curaçao natives have been expelled from their environment, often compelling their families to join them in exile.

The goal, is to shore up a permanent residents and that ensure Curaçao born residents could not stake a claim to the Caribbean island along the coast of Venezuela and to allay Zionist fears that one day the deported ‘locals’ might regain control of their own livelihood through elections.

Wide-ranging discriminatory policies, that harm native citizens and favor Dutch settlers, have been designed to erode their connection to Curaçao, encouraging them to leave to Amsterdam with the modern flying pirate ships of KLM.

The lack of community services, municipal funding and high unemployment rates mean that three-quarters of the politically and economically isolated residents live below the poverty line.

But the biggest pressure on Curaçao residents has been inflicted through grossly discriminatory planning rules. being abandoned by their representatives and receive no rightful services or policing at all.

The corrupted and over bribed government is discussing putting these residents under the responsibility of the army, as a revolution could be looming on the horizon.

In addition, the politicians in The Hague have denied most neighborhoods’ master plans, making it all but impossible to get favorable building permits.

The advantage for the colonial invaders is that planning regulations don’t look brutal – in fact, they can be presented as simple law enforcement. But if you have no proper place to live in Curaçao, in the end you’ll have to move out of the island.

An estimated 10,000 houses – about 13% of the islands housing stock – are empty and under threat of demolition or confiscation.

When settlers move in following such evictions, the character of the neighborhoods rapidly changes. The settlers already arrived, and then so did the extremist DEA, RST police, the Dutch army, private security guards and racist tax inspectors.

The settlers have a machine behind them whose role is to make life as uncomfortable as possible for the Curaçao people. The message is: ‘You either accept your subjugation or leave’.

Settler groups have established a touristic tourist scuba park in the midst of the populated community to make life especially tough for the ones left behind. Many hundreds of children had been arrested and jailed in recent years, usually accused of robbing money for food to survive.

The newest move is the announcement of giving airport tax income directly to CAP for them to improve their lopsided capitalist profits.

Touristic initiatives had become another part of the integrated planning weapon against the Curaçao people. “These projects, from privatizing the most beautiful beaches to a series of promenades, are ways to connect one settlement to the next, bisecting space”.

This way “Dos Mundos” strengthens the foreign settlements that break apart the impoverished and isolated neighborhoods.

The Dutch invaders want to turn our community into an touristic Disneyland. “And we are in the way”, so they plan to keep going until we are all removed and indefinitely deported or buried six feet under.

ABC Flash Point Deportation News 2019.

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