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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Operation Covid-19 & Establishment of the Fourth Reich

Nothing demonstrates that inevitable “Huge change” more than the worldwide execution of OPERATION COVID-19 since January of 2020. The New World Order globalist perpetrators are only one year into what is essentially a global lock down scheme, and look at how far they have come. COVID-1984 is already here, especially in places like the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany,...

NATO base in Iraq struck by a dozen Missiles

A coalition airbase in the western Iraqi province of Anbar has been struck by at least 10 missiles, just two weeks after a rocket attack on US-led forces in northern Iraq killed a civilian military contractor. The military base, which houses both US and coalition troops, was struck and was hit by at least 10 indirect fire missiles at approximately...

Texas & Mississippi lifting 100% of the Covid-19 restrictions

The governors of Texas and Mississippi both announced Tuesday that they are lifting mask mandates and allowing businesses to reopen at full capacity even as the decline in daily Covid-19 cases slows and federal officials urge states to exercise caution. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at a news briefing at Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant in Lubbock that he will issue...

The Covid-19 Outbreak is the Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century

SARS-CoV-2 is a benign virus for the general population as it causes 85% of benign forms, 99% of those infected recover, it does not constitute a danger for pregnant women and children (unlike the flu). It spreads less faster than the flu and 90% of those who die are elderly people (who must, of course, be protected like other populations...

US regime firmly opposes ICC’s Probe into Palestinian Situation

The US State Department responded to the launch of the International Criminal Court's investigation on Wednesday, stating that the Biden administration is "disappointed" by the development. Earlier, Fatou Bensouda, a prosecutor with the International Criminal Court, announced that she would be opening an investigation into allegations of war crimes by Israel and Palestinian militant groups in territories occupied by the...

EU Digital Covid-19 Passports against basic Human Rights

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated on Tuesday that European plans to introduce COVID-19 passports would be at odds with voluntary vaccination, stressing that Russian citizens should not be discriminated against in any way by the move. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirmed earlier this week that Brussels is set to propose a digital vaccination passport across the...

Israel introduces Prisoner style Covid-19 “Freedom” Tracking Bracelet

The Israeli regime has unveiled a Corona-virus tracking bracelet as an alternative to a two-week quarantine for incoming travelers, sparking privacy concerns as a top court moved to curb the Shin Bet spy agency’s role in contact tracing. A pilot program for the tracking bracelet kicked off at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, where 100 devices were doled out to...

Iceland struck by a swarm of Earthquakes last week

In a seldom occurring natural phenomenon, the tiny North Atlantic nation of Iceland has seen a swarm of over 10,000 quakes since last Wednesday, and the tremors are still continuing. While aftershocks are common, this many tremors in a row are a rare occurrence. Sitting between Europe and North America, the island nation is often hit by earthquakes due to...

Japan organizes Humanitarian Aid for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Japan and the UN Refugee Agency signed an agreement over the weekend to provide around $10 million for improving access to clean water at camps in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district, where more than 1.2 million Rohingya refugees have been taking shelter following a Zionist supported military crackdown in Myanmar in 2017. The funds will be used to support the improvement...

Israeli owned MV HELIOS RAY suffers drone attack in the Gulf of Oman

Unnamed defense sources told Channel 13 on Saturday that an explosion aboard MV Helios Ray vehicle-carrier ship was believed to have been caused by two Iranian-made missiles. The Arab Coalition announced that the second Yemeni drone attack took place just hours after the first unsuccessfully targeted the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has accused Iran of...

US Navy sends Warship to Sudan after Russia docked a vessel @ Port of Sudan

The USS Churchill docked shortly after Russia's Admiral Grigorovich frigate arrived in Port Sudan, where the Russian navy said "a logistical support base" would be created. The Admiral Grigorovich frigate would refuel and its crew rest after exercises in the Indian Ocean off Pakistan. The purpose of the base will be to "uphold peace and stability in the region. Additionally, the...

Ex-French president Sarkozy sentenced to be Imprisoned

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been found guilty of corruption on charges of trying to bribe a magistrate. The judge sentenced Sarkozy to three years in prison, with two years suspended. Judge Christine Mee, who presided over the case, stated that the 66-year-old former political leader had “used his status as former French president” in a “particularly serious” act...

Poland losing simulated NATO War against Russia

By losing a simulated war of its own invention with Russia, the Polish military seeks to convince NATO of its vulnerability. This could lead to a build-up of military forces that triggers the very conflict the Poles just lost. Late last month the Polish military reportedly conducted a war game simulating a general war between Poland and Russia. Dubbed ‘Winter-20’,...

The Wild West obsessed with Imposing its own Version of Democracy in Belarus

When it comes to protesting in Belarus, the US regime and European Union intent on imposing their own systems and values with no regard for the country’s own journey to democracy. Some might get there faster than others, but you need to take into account the different ways that nations develop and how their cultures were established. This has been the...

America condemns Russia & China but supports Global Gangster Networks

The U.S. regime condemns and threatens the Governments of Russia, China, and Iran, and pretends to be not a regime itself, though it is most horrible one, and so are most of its evil allies? If U.S. weapons are to be sold to a foreign country, then it’s an ‘ally’ and there is no investigation into any of that leader’s...

Sea Shepherd warns that Destruction of Planet is ‘Out of Control’

Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson has warned human destruction of ecosystems is seriously “out of control” and now impacting us as a species. This is not about saving planet Earth, but this is about saving ourselves from ourselves. Describing the world as “completely out of balance”, the veteran environmental campaigner argues that humans need to realize they are dependent...

Dominican Republic to Build a 376 km Double Fence along Border with Haiti

The Dominican Republic will begin constructing a fence along its 376-kilometer (234 mi) border with Haiti later this year to curb unauthorized migration and illicit trade, President Luis Abinader said on Saturday. In a period of two years, we want to put an end to the serious problems of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and the movement of stolen vehicles," Abinader...

US Military also launches Airstrikes on Facility in Syria

On orders of dictator Biden, the US military has launched an airstrike on a facility in Syria. As of this writing the exact number of killed and injured is unknown, with early reports claiming “a handful” of people were killed. The corrupted Biden administration conducted an airstrike against alleged Iranian-linked fighters in Syria on Thursday, signaling its intent to use...

Syrian refugees getting far more aid than those of Venezuela

Colombian President Ivan Duque didn’t go as far as to call it an international scandal when the press asked him about the miserly amount of foreign aid Colombia has received for taking in 1.8 million Venezuelan refugees. But that’s exactly what this lack of international solidarity is — a scandal. The number of Venezuelans who have fled from their country’s...

Vietnam upgrades Military Outposts in the South China Sea

In response to China’s rapid militarization of the disputed areas, smaller rivals are doubling down on their own efforts to safeguard their maritime interests. Vietnam, which has claims in both the Paracels and the Spratlys, is rapidly fortifying its position, including the installation of air and coastal defense systems across dozens of Vietnamese-occupied islands in the Spratlys. Vietnam’s counter-militarization is on...

British anti-Kremlin Propaganda Wing and Troll Factory

Newly-leaked UK government files shed further light on Machiavellian machinations to weaken the Russian empire through a pan-European network of news platforms, charities, think tanks, NGO's, and so-called censoring ‘fact-checkers’. The trove, recently exposed by hacktivist collective Anonymous, contains a variety of what appears to be internal documents of both the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and its multiple...

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