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The Flower of Life as the Ultimate Geometric Symbol

          Flower of Life Geometric Symbol This symbol called the “Flower of Life” or “life’s flower” consists of 19 overlapping and interconnected circles. It always consists of 19 circles – no more and no less. The mystical mathematical symbol can be found in almost all major religions in the entire world. The Flower of Life is said to be over 6,000...

Russian Military withdraws from part of Ukraine as gesture of Good Will

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday that troops had left Zmeiniy Island in the Black Sea, stressing it was a demonstration of Moscow's good will amid the special op. Ostrov Zmeiniy, or Snake Island, located about 140 km south of Odessa, was seized by Russian forces during the first stage of the special operation, as Ukrainian troops stationed...

NATO confirms it’s been preparing for conflict with Russia since 2014

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Wednesday that increases in military spending and rising numbers of troop deployments in Eastern Europe since 2014 were carried out in anticipation of a conflict with Russia. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that increases in deployments and military spending were carried out with the destruction of Moscow in mind. Speaking after a meeting...

USA and Israeli military working on a Middle Eastern aerial missile plan

The United States organized a secret meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt between top Israeli and some Arab military officials on how regional regimes could improve coordination between their ballistic missiles positions against Iranian air defenses and drone capabilities. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced last week that Tel Aviv had been working on a US-promoted “Middle East Air Defense...

China opposes NATO’s ‘Strategic Concept’

Beijing has firmly rejected the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) upcoming ‘Strategic Concept’, with China’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) warning that the long-outdated Cold War script must never be re-enacted in the Asia-Pacific. NATO’s ‘Strategic Concept’ identifies the main threats and challenges for the trans-Atlantic military alliance and outlines its policy for the upcoming decade. At the ongoing Leaders’...

Great Britain to allow Food Imports from Fukushima

London is lifting the ban imposed after the 2011 nuclear disaster and will allow food imports from the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima starting on Wednesday, The Guardian has reported, citing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This lifts the restrictions placed on deliveries from the region after a major freak accident at a local nuclear power plant in 2011. I'm delighted that tomorrow...

Taiwan has capability to strike China’s capital with supersonic missiles

Taiwan says it has the ability to strike China’s capital with homegrown supersonic missiles, the head of Taipei’s legislative assembly said, also claiming the island is taking pointers from the Ukrainian armed forces amid Russia’s ongoing intervention. The Chinese ambassador to France warned that Beijing could also use force to bring Taiwan back under its former control. Taiwan has been self-governing...

Argentina and Iran apply for membership to join BRICS

The Islamic Republic of Iran has officially submitted its application to join the group of five leading economies made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the foreign ministry in Tehran announced on Monday. The move comes after the Iranian president digitally addressed the BRICS summit meeting last week. While BRICS is not a treaty bloc, it has...

Europe steps back into Coal Age after global sanctions regime backfired

A number of EU countries have launched emergency plans aimed to lower and ration the use of natural gas and resurrect coal-fired power production. This week, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands announced that coal-generated power could help them cope with an energy crisis in the coming winter. German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck said the country made a bitter...

Lithuania military blocks 50% of railway supplies to Kaliningrad

Lithuania has blocked a number of rail-transport goods from reaching the Russia exclave of Kaliningrad. Vilnius says it is merely adhering to the EU-mandated sanctions regime, but Moscow warns it has broken international law. Is this a casus belli? For the EU to impose even a partial blockade of Russian territory presents a tremendous risk to regional stability and world...

Fraudulent USA Gold boycott will cost Russia $19 billion

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN on Sunday that an embargo on Russian gold exports will strip Moscow of around $19 billion in annual revenue. Despite booming profits for Moscow, the US secretary of state insisted that Western sanctions will hurt the Kremlin soon. Pressed over the West’s failure to hurt the Russian economy with sanctions thus far, Blinken...

Chinese imports of LNG from the USA plunged by 95%

As European Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) buyers are snapping up cargoes from the USA in a race to replace Russian pipeline deliveries, America has become a major supplier to Europe, and its sales to China have dwindled to just a few cargoes shipped so far this year. Chinese imports of LNG from the USA plunged by 95% between February and...

African Union ignores accusations that Russia caused the Global Food Crisis

Just a handful of African heads of state tuned in to personally listen to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as he accused Russia of holding their continent hostage, amid ongoing Western attempts to pin the blame for the global food crisis solely on Moscow. Few details emerged from Zelensky's virtual meeting with the African Union, held behind closed doors, more than...

Is Arab NATO really necessary in the Middle East?

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said in a 24 June, 2022 interview with CNBS that he backs the formation of a NATO-style military alliance in the Middle East. According to the British educated king, the growing importance of military collaboration stems from insecurities and instability in the region which affect regional projects. We're not in front of a new idea, says Dr....

Americans hit the streets, mass protesting against new Abortion rulings

There appeared to be no let-up weekend as people angered by the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade hit the streets for a second day of mass protests. From Washington, D.C., all the way to the West Coast, there were angry, raucous protests against a ruling that almost immediately made access to abortions all-but-impossible in half the country. Those protests...

Ukrainian Air Force hits various Russian targets

A Ukrainian air strike has hit a Russian ammo depot in southern Ukraine, while the Kiev controlled air defenses struck two missiles fired at Odessa. Meanwhile, anti-air defenses downed a Russian Su-25 close air support aircraft. However, Russian air-force activity remains high, although most of their sorties are executed at long ranges, beyond the reach of Ukrainian air defenses. The NATO...

Russia liberates another strategic city in occupied Donbass

The major city of Severodonetsk has come under the full control of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Russian military spokesman, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement on Saturday. the LPR cities of Severodonetsk and Borovskoye, along with the settlements of Voronovo and Sirotino, had been completely liberated following successful offensive operations by republic’s forces, which were supported by Russian...

BRICS countries are setting up a new Global Reserve Currency

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the BRICS countries are working on setting up a new global reserve currency, based on a currency basket of the five nations. Putin also said banks from BRICS economies can freely connect to the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS), Russia’s alternative to SWIFT. The 14th BRICS summit was hosted by...

Norway gunmen kills two people outside a popular gay bar in Oslo

A known gunman killed two people and injured at least 21 others outside a gay bar in downtown Oslo. Norwegian police have launched a terror probe over a shooting spree that caused mayhem in downtown Oslo in the early hours of Saturday. The gunman opened fire on bystanders at around 1:00 am local time near several entertainment venues including a...

France toughens anti-Russian sanctions and boost military assistance to Ukraine

France is set to toughen economic sanctions against Russia and increase its supplies of military equipment to Ukraine, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported, citing a statement of the presidential administration. French President Emmanuel Macron made a decision to toughen economic and financial sanctions in coordination with European countries and the United States and is determined to take measures to freeze financial...

Could China’s J-10C replace the American F-14 as Iran’s Top Fighter?

The F-14 Tomcat heavyweight air superiority fighter has for over 45 years formed the elite of the Iranian Air Force, after 79 of the aircraft were acquired from the USA in the 1970's to match the advanced MiG-25 Foxbat interceptors deployed by the Soviet Union across the country’s northern border. Iran was the only foreign client for the aircraft, which...

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