Many tourism hot spots in the world help improve their local economies, but also the livelihood of the taxpaying people living in those countries.

Except for the Dutch colonies in the Caribbean where enterprises are exempted from paying regular taxes, leading to even bankrupting the islands governments?

Money is the tool being used to impoverish the lower- and middle class islanders, making living a normal life impossible to cover the daily costs, forcing the people to migrate to Europe.

Scuba diving contributes over 10% of the mass tourist industry located along the coast of Venezuela. KLM and TUI provide over half of the tourists renting rooms at the fungi style growing resorts on the island, while cruise ships supply the highly profitable drugs smuggling routes.

Curaçao even offered cruise vacations to Panama (off shore bank accounts for money laundering), visiting Colombia (cocaine factories) to later dock in Aruba (hub to USA), sailing on to Venezuela (gold theft) back to Willemstad harbor in Curaçao.

Apart from the Canadian banking cartels, the boozing hotel chains, fashion shops, shopping malls and restaurants are also used to launder money, while the local betting officials and casino’s support the export distribution of the lucrative goods.

The Dutch investors have a ball on Curaçao, turning themselves into millionaires over a short period of time at the cost of local environment, forcing the victims to leave the island to escape the increasing poverty among local born citizens.

The tiny military-backed regimes launder investors money into foreign bank accounts, with the permission of the central bank in Willemstad, while local born residents are deported to Amsterdam by modern Dutch flying pirate ships.

During the late 90’s of the previous century the politicians in The Hague decided it was time for the islands to change the constitution into a deceiving autonomous package.

The Netherlands is currently the largest single investor in South America, accounting for 20% of all attributable inflows, followed by the USA with 17% in 2014.

China is still far from being Latin America’s major source of foreign direct investment (FDI) and represents only 6% of the region’s total FDI.

About 25% of the Jewish global population lives in Latin America, with another 20% having their domicile in North America. However nobody can beat the Dutch, which are also the biggest foreign investors in China.

Autonomy became austerity after billions of guilders of tax payers money was invested to improve the infrastructure for the tax evading tourism industry, leading to no return of investment for enslaved population.

Bribery and extortion became the new normal, where fake news entities glorified the hostile takeover, turning the plot into a Caribbean dream for foreigners flocking to the islands.

Human trafficking became a very lucrative incentive to promote the profits of the enterprises involved. At the same time income (wages and salaries) for the local people were frozen to create the migration exodus the Netherlands.

Almost half of the entire population was deported to motherland in order for the politicians to change the balance of the voters, pushing the results into favoring the settling colonizing invaders to extract and privatize more properties.

The best and most beautiful beaches are now confiscated and occupied by tourists and hotels, while the locals are kept isolated in their demising neighborhoods, creating unemployment, crime and extreme poverty among the islanders.

Curaçao is best known for its cocaine smuggling industry, while on- and offshore banks make it possible to launder money under the disguise of development.

For over 500 years the Dutch traditions are well-known for their crime businesses, calling their pirates heroes in the misleading school books for the next plundering generation of puppets to evolve.

Dictatorships are called democracy, while the lobbying entities help to plunder resources of the colonies in hands promoting freedom in disguise.

The slave trade was and still is the most lucrative business on planet Earth. One person, with an income of $36k p/y, that works for you their entire life, on average can result in 50 times this amount for pension retirement funds and corporations to be pocketed.

The Dutch established the first stock markets in the world in order to disguise their dirty businesses and share some liability by paying profits to the so-called stockholders.

That is why the Zionist entrepreneurs are well known for cooking the books (KPMG) in order to maximize profits and minimize tax obligations, while controlling the marketing wheels including the advertising chains to back up their collective proceedings.

In the end, the sun and blue waters attract tourist from cold and rainy countries to visit the Caribbean ABC islands along the coast of Venezuela. What Curacao now needs is an citizens forum that is able to check on the democratic values of the politicians.

ABC Flash Point Apartheid News 2020.

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Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
10-06-20 22:22

Gangster island where sex and horror a the new kind of trends among the visitors.

Kid Creole and the Coca Nuts
Kid Creole and the Coca Nuts
20-06-20 13:41

Local assets are being plundered and annexed by so-called developers that do not pay any taxes?

Washington DC
Reply to  Kid Creole and the Coca Nuts
04-10-20 01:31

Confiscating public properties under the disguise of development?

Parasite Empire of Satan
Parasite Empire of Satan
20-06-20 14:42

Palestine in the Caribbean?

Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
12-08-20 17:19

Very sad story, in the meanwhile they call the local people corrupt and incapacitated?

Korol Koshek
Korol Koshek
06-11-23 13:59

Economy is based on welfare business, not population!!