Cuban banking and financial institutions will not accept cash deposits in US dollars from 21 June due to US sanctions, the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) said. The duration of the measure will depend on the lifting of the US restrictions.

Given the obstacles imposed by the US economic blockade for the Cuban banking system to depositing abroad cash in US dollars collected in the country, the decision has been made to stop the acceptance of bills in that currency by the Cuban banking and finance system.

The counter-measure will not affect operations involving transfers or cash deposits of other freely convertible currencies accepted in Cuba.

The BCC explained that the decision is a protective measure for the Cuban banking and financial system due to restrictions imposed by the economic, commercial, and financial blockade on part of the USA.

The official exchange rate is 24 Cuban pesos per $1, but banks have publicly recognized that they do not exchange the currency at this rate, so the population gets greenbacks on the black market at 60 pesos.

The gap between the official and unofficial exchange rates has skyrocketed in recent weeks, especially after exchanging was limited to no more than $300 at the airport’s bureau de change, the only entity that did that, last month, arguing that they had no cash of that value to offer.

Washington and Havana have had a strained relationship for more than 60 years, rooted in Fidel Castro’s overthrow of a former US-backed government.

Under Barack Obama, the USA took some steps to normalize bilateral relations, including restoring diplomatic ties and expanding travel and trade, but the process was halted under the Trump administration.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Currency News 2021.

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11-06-21 13:07

The days of Pentacon global rape are over. Karma always comes home to roost and all the Covaids Wuflu nonsense that the Satanic elitist pedovore globo filth rant will not deter the inevitable decline of the anglozionazi empire of filth and its free lunch guzzling on everyone else’s dime Onward down the gutter in the skid row slum that everyone loves to hate.

Reply to  Martillo
11-06-21 13:09

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11-06-21 13:11

The Cuban regime will last longer than the American plutocratic system. The day will come when Americans would be happy to have Cuban pesos to buy essentials…