Waldemar Skrzypczak, who led Poland’s Land Forces until 2009, seems to have joined the chorus of the West’s most belligerent military leaders who have seized on the so-called “Russian threat” to make their case.

War and soldiering were never far from the retired Polish army commanders mind as he talked US nuclear strikes in response to Russia’s imaginary invasion and complained that NATO’s eastern European buildup was not enough.

It is likely to become a scene of potential clashes between NATO and Russia, and this is why the alliance must realize that Poland “is an extremely important state from a strategic point of view,” the high-ranked retiree insisted.

Russia is now “the greatest concern for the Western democratic dictatorships,” and no army in Europe is a match for “the Russian war machine.”That said, there is only one thing left that could avert the imminent danger. A Nuclear War?

Over the past few years, Poland has seen no foreign military activity on its soil aside from a massive military buildup initiated by NATO.

The 29-member bloc sent sizable land and air force contingents from the USA, the UK, Germany and others to Poland as well as Baltic states, in addition to building sophisticated military infrastructure there.

Poland, after Romania, will host the US-built Aegis Ashore land-based missile system, which covers all of western Russia. It also held an array of war games last year, with the two-week Saber Strike being the largest.

The buildup did not go well, with some Poles who took part in numerous anti-war rallies in Warsaw and beyond.

NATO has tripled its assets on Russia’s western borders over the past five years.

Moscow has repeatedly warned that an increased NATO presence on its doorstep undermines stability in Europe and heightens the risk of a military confrontation.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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