At a Downing Street Corona-virus briefing in April, General Nick Carter, the UK’s most senior military officer, revealed 77th Brigade was “helping to quash rumors from misinformation, but also counter disinformation” online.

There are clear indications these activities amount to disseminating pro-government messages and attacking voices critical of Whitehall’s handling of the crisis – the target audience being British citizens.

For example, personal social media accounts of select British Forces staff would be used to disseminate pre-approved government and military propaganda.

While the content would give every appearance of being ‘organic’, it would in fact be covertly crafted and coordinated by military officers.

Academics, military veterans and other public figures active on social media would also be asked to participate, pushing pre-approved propaganda messaging on social networks and in personal interactions with journalists, among other things.

For instance, the proposal advocates the creation of an innovative research capability to analyze and collect information from the social media accounts of Britons, non-governmental organizations, private business and news outlets and it’s been confirmed the Armed Forces tested this out during the pandemic.

A team from the military’s intelligence unit monitored and harvested social media comments across Britain relating to the provincial government’s failure to adequately care for the elderly.

The data, collected without account holders’ knowledge or consent, was then analyzed and the findings provided to the government in London.

It was claimed the data-mining was necessary to help military operatives working in care homes during the Corona-virus plandemic.

Why are the public’s opinions on authorities’ handling of the pandemic relevant to the military’s care for the elderly? What did they do with the data? These questions have still not been satisfactorily answered.

Western government-run information warfare operations among countless others, yet another reason why citizens the world over can’t trust anything they read on the internet, yet another force within and without its home territory manipulating perceptions and perspectives, insidiously influencing democratic choices in the process.

All without express civilian sanction, or any degree of public scrutiny whatsoever. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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05-11-20 15:17

Deceiving the world in order to let the money flow from the poor to the filthy rich?