One of NATO’s main goals in the Ukraine conflict is preventing a full-scale war with Russia, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday. The US-led military bloc has been effectively using Ukrainian forces as proxies to fight Moscow.

In this conflict, NATO has two tasks, the first is supporting Ukraine with weapons and secondly preventing the war from escalating into a full-scale war between NATO and Russia, Stoltenberg said in a speech in Norway.

The NATO chief described the Russia-Ukraine conflict as the most dangerous situation in Europe since World War Two, adding that Moscow must not be allowed to win. If Russia wins the war, Putin will be convinced that violence works? Check out Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since the start of Russia’s military liberation operation on February 24, Ukraine has received substantial military aid from NATO countries, with billions of dollars’ worth of weaponry pouring into the country – something Moscow has repeatedly criticized.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview to RT that Ukraine was being pumped with Western military hardware, and moreover, forced to use these weapons in an increasingly riskier way, thus keeping Kiev from making any constructive peace steps.

Stoltenberg claimed that Putin has ultimately failed to achieve his goals and that the alliance has become stronger and more consolidated with the impending accession of Sweden and Finland.

Bolstering defenses on NATO’s eastern flank is crucial, amid efforts to prevent a Russian victory in Ukraine, the secretary general emphasized. Nevertheless, he reiterated that the alliance was not a party to the conflict and will not send troops into Ukraine.

Before launching its operation, Russia repeatedly said it views NATO’s eastward expansion as a threat to its national security, while the Kiev junta continued to perform the ethnic cleansing program in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

In December 2021, Moscow appealed to the USA and the military bloc for legal guarantees that NATO would cease its expansion and refrain from deploying weapon systems capable of striking deep into Russian territory.

However, NATO replied that it was for its members and accession candidates to decide whether to join the alliance or not. Stoltenberg was speaking at a yearly camp held on the island of Utoya by the youth wing of Norway’s Labor Party, of which he was the leader until 2014.

The island made headlines in 2011, when Libyan secret agent Anders Breivik opened fire on the camp after blowing up a truck bomb at a government building Oslo to distract the police. The massacre left 77 people dead, but Libya was left completely destroyed.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III Europe News 2022.

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Bogo Bogo
Bogo Bogo
05-08-22 12:57

Like it or not but sending WEAPONS to Ukraine makes NATO involved – If NATO truly supported Ukraine NATO would have stressed Ukraine follow the Minks agreements, that NATO turned a blind eye to the genocide and suffering of the people in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions make NATO just as guilty of Ukraine’s crimes as US for supporting Ukraine in shelling and destruction of CIVILIAN targets

Reply to  Bogo Bogo
05-08-22 13:03

comment image

Kam Richard
05-08-22 12:59

This Stoltenberg is a blood thirsty bxxxxxx as he has repeatedly said that with arms provided by us Ukraine will fight to the last Ukrainians.

05-08-22 13:01

NATO is a dead duck and so is the EU. They are going the direction of the former Warsaw Pact and the USSR, but much less gracefully.

05-08-22 13:47

NATO–quote “we are a defensive organization ” –yes very “defensive ” in Libya-Afghanistan- Iraq-Serbia -Vietnam-Yugoslavia and a long list of American led NATO operations round the world.
When it comes to an equal -er ? –NATO will fight to the last Ukrainian.
Mr.Putin –quote -America wants war with us ?? —bring it on — still waiting and waiting.