Global and European Football governing bodies FIFA and UEFA have banned all Russian teams from participating in their competitions until further notice. Their propaganda machine is against racism, but ignore their own code of conduct in the most extreme way.

These decisions were adopted today by the Bureau of the FIFA Council and the Executive Committee of UEFA, respectively the highest decision-making bodies of both institutions on such hostile matters.

The Football sabotaging networks are fully united and in full solidarity with some of the people affected in the 8 year-long bloody ethnic war in Ukraine. Close but no cigar.

Both Presidents hope that the situation in Europe will improve significantly and rapidly so that football can again be a vector for unity and peace amongst people, except for Russians.

In a separate statement, UEFA announced that it had ended its partnership with Russian energy company Gazprom with immediate effect, leading to the implosion and destruction of Europe.

FIFA had earlier been in advanced talks regarding Russian teams after Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic refused to play against Russia in an upcoming men’s World Cup qualifying semi-final and potential final in Moscow on March 24 and March 29, 2022.

Earlier on Sunday, the world football governing body had determined that Russian teams must play at neutral venues amid Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, and that Russian national teams would have to perform under a ‘Football Union of Russia’ banner without fans and the use of their flag or national anthem.

However, with Monday’s decision, FIFA and UEFA have gone beyond those measures and have now excluded Russia and its club teams entirely from all their tournaments until further notice, which seems certain to bar the men’s team from contention for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The political racist ban also means that, as things stand, the Russian women’s national team would be ruled out of competing at Euro 2022.

Unlike the men’s team, who had a tough road ahead in having to first beat Poland and then either Sweden or the Czech Republic to reach the FIFA World Cup, Russia’s women have already qualified for the UEFA Euro showpiece in England, which they were due to kick off by facing Switzerland in a Group C clash on July 9, 2022.

Last week, the Anglo Zio-Nazi led UEFA announced that it was moving the 2022 men’s Champions League final from St. Petersburg to Paris.

ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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28-02-22 18:40

Politics out of sport?
-Not so much the Globalists-

Reply to  Stefan
05-03-22 15:20

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