El Salvador announced last month that Venezuelan diplomats serving under embattled President Nicolas Maduro had 48 hours to leave the country.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has kicked out Nicolas Maduro’s diplomatic corps, and added that El Salvador would welcome a future diplomatic gang sent by opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Caracas responded in kind when the foreign ministry expelled El Salvador diplomats, giving them the same 48 hours to leave Venezuela.

Guaido has managed to secure control over several Venezuelan embassies abroad, including in the USA.

However, his opposition movement has been unable remove Maduro from power, and the country has found itself in a political stalemate while dealing with a humanitarian crisis, caused by the hostile IMF and US sanctions.

Bukele, a member of the conservative Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA), has voiced his opposition to the socialist Maduro on prior occasions, such as during his inauguration this past June.

The US ambassador to El Salvador, Ronald Johnson, welcomed Bukele’s announcement. He tweeted in Spanish that the US applauded Bukele’s decision to make sure that El Salvador is on the right side of history?

The US regime also highlighted that more than 50 other rogue nations “supported sanctions” steering the Venezuelan people at this moment of crisis.

The opposition leader says Maduro violates the country’s constitutionally enshrined democratic principles, while Maduro accuses Guaido of staging a coup and of being a US puppet, stealing (freezing) all the countries bank deposits in order to break and destroy the Venezuelan government.

The political standoff has spurred mixed responses from the international community. Germany, among other countries, has expressed support for Guaido, and the European Union recently ratcheted up sanctions on officials close to Maduro.

However, the United Nations continues to recognize Maduro’s government, in part due to support for Maduro from Russia and China. Various attempts at peace talks between Venezuela’s opposing political camps have failed, because of pre-conditionally insisting for Maduro’s exit.

Venezuela Today / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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