Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has explained in an interview with Chinese broadcaster Phoenix Television that two goals must be achieved in order to make American military forces finally withdraw from the country, where they have been stationed without the government’s authorization or a UN mandate.

Firstly, all terrorist groups on Syrian territory must be eradicated, as the fight against them is being used by the US government as a pretext to keep its forces present in the Arab Republic.

These groups must be persuaded, one way or another and particularly through dialogue, that it is in all our interests in Syria that they embrace the homeland and join the Syrian state’s efforts to liberate all its territories, instead if joining Israeli objectives.

The Syrian president believes that once these two goals are achieved, the USA will have no “prospect” for staying in the Arab Republic, because otherwise they will face “popular resistance” akin to the one Washington is dealing with in Iraq.

US President Donald Trump announced earlier this year, for the second time during his term, that American soldiers will be leaving Syrian soil.

However, days later, Trump backtracked on his statements saying that a small contingent of US troops would stay behind for now in order to keep the oil, as American troops were spotted securing Syrian oil fields in the eastern part of the country.

Washington’s decision was harshly condemned by Damascus and its ally, Moscow, as lacking a legal basis.

Both countries have accused Washington of “stealing” Syrian oil resources with Assad stating that it’s being sold to Turkey by the hostile US regime. Washington claims that all profits from the local sales of oil go directly to its terrorist allies.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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21-01-23 13:17

Bring all the Syrian oil fields to Texas, so PhillipsConoco doesn’t need ISIS to protect their occupied territories?

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