There was a time that welfare was equally divided in some way, but todays’ rulers have lost their moral compass, leading the people into disperse and poverty.

By limiting proper education (censorship), the middle class has vanished and the poor became even poorer, so corporate businesses could cash and rake in their huge profits.

As education and information sources plummeted, history and the future have become a hoax and therefore obsolete. Prisons are built to keep the opposition under demonized control. This is called poverty by design.

In Curacao the extremely polluting tourism sector was designed to plunder the resources, the poor could not keep. At the base of this scam we see that basic income has been frozen and rerouted to keep the rich happy.

In most countries, the airports and shipping ports create wealth, as they promote in- and export in order for the people to flourish. Take these away and any livelihood will be destroyed, while the economy is booming, but not for the poor anymore to profit from.

Evil entities and government representatives plunder society’s riches, just like what happened in Venezuela (IMF torture to plunder oil- and gold resources), Libya (NATO carpet bombing), Syria (mass murder Shi’ite Muslims), Iraq (global oil distribution and income) and Afghanistan (mineral and opium riches).

Agricultural water reserves are absorbed and end up in the swimming pools of the colonial invaders, while the entire infrastructure is financed by the diluted and impoverished taxpayers.

Cruise piers are build to destroy pristine coral reefs to support the tax evading and extremely polluting tourist industry.

Left over isolated beaches are confiscated by tourism entities, but remain open for the local people, that is if they are able to bring along their wallet along to cough up profits for the invasive businessmen.

The puppet masters in The Hague control the islands finances in order to budget the hostile colonial take over. The local incomes are kept frozen to enhance the economic deportation of the islanders, with the help of special KLM airline fares.

The corrupted media fools the people all the time, created a false sense of development and economic welfare.

However, and in the meanwhile employment opportunities go down the drain, resulting in exploding crime rates, which are used to endorse more fascist laws against the people of Curacao.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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10-02-20 22:40

Privatization of public properties is the real basic problem.

04-03-20 23:05

The Zio-Nazi government, supported by Free Masons from the UK and the Netherlands, using money as the tool to deport as many as possible locals (with KLM) to Amsterdam.

12-10-22 13:28

Roving and plundering the Curacao society, while establishing settlements West Bank style? Elderly people retirement money capped and frozen for them to obligatory sell their homes to the invading Dutch entities, paying half price for the confiscated real estate?

Don Chien
Don Chien
Reply to  RMC
12-10-22 14:08

And starting the deportation process?