The controversial White Helmets, also known as the ‘Syrian civil defense’ group, have confirmed that James Le Mesurier, the man behind their support and training, was found dead in Istanbul, Turkey.

Le Mesurier’s body was discovered near his home in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district. The circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated.

Turkish Sözcü newspaper, citing his wife, said that Le Mesurier had been taking medication to treat depression. The outlet reports that suicide is among the versions police are working on.

Later in the day, the White Helmets confirmed his death and extended their condolences to his relatives and hailed his humanitarian efforts.

Hailed as fearless rescue workers by the Western media, the White Helmets have been accused of associating with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups inside Syria. Images and videos show members of the ‘civil defense’ organization posing with jihadists.

The White Helmets have also been accused of staging chemical attacks, used as justification by Western nations to carry out massive air strikes against the Syrian military and its allies.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Le Mesurier was a former British MI-6 intelligence officer.

The problem with that kind of work you eventually end up knowing too much and need to be ‘retired’. If he died in any other NATO country but Turkey there’d be a full court press blaming the Russians.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Blog News 2019.

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08-04-20 11:01

Hope he is joining all those murdered ISIS terrorists in hell?