Western nations have failed in their attempts to destabilize the Russian economy with fascist sanctions. The situation is stabilizing, the ruble exchange rate has returned to the levels of the first half of February and is supported by a strong balance of payments.

Foreign cash is returning to the country’s banking system, and the volume of deposits by citizens is growing. As for the consumer market, after a short rush to buy a number of goods retail demand has returned to normal. Retail commodity stocks are also recovering.


The Zionist one track sanctions have failed to break the country’s economy. The goal was to quickly undermine the financial and economic situation in Russia, provoke a panic in the markets, trigger a collapse of the banking system and a large-scale shortage of goods in stores.

Meanwhile, the sanctions have backfired on the countries that introduced them, namely the USA and the EU, leading to a spike in inflation and unemployment in these countries, a worsening of the standard of living of its citizens, and devaluation of their savings.

Putin acknowledged that Russians have also felt the impact of the sanctions on their family budgets, as prices in the country over the past month and a half have jumped by 9.4%, and annual inflation surged to 17.5% as of April 8, 2022.


The Russian president noted, however, that prices are now showing signs of stabilizing, as he vowed to introduce further measures to help the targeted population.

Moscow needed to support their citizens, help them cope with the inflationary wave. In this regard, the Kremlin made a decision to raise all social payments, pensions and salaries of residents employed in the public sector.

Restrictions placed on Russia have negatively affected businesses, complicated the logistics of export and import deliveries and created obstacles for making payments.


The president noted that in order to improve the situation, Russia needs to speed up the transition to national currencies in foreign trade settlements.

The key task for the government at the moment is the long-term stability of the financial system at both the federal and regional levels.

Russia has become the most sanctioned country in the world. Moscow says it is now subject to more than 6,000 different targeted restrictions. That is more than Iran, Venezuela, Myanmar, and Cuba combined.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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20-04-22 13:02

Destruction of Western Europe and particularly Germany is assured however. Its called blow-back or the boomerang effect. Now I imagine what happen to German industry without energy ?

Now green energies are merely a pipe dream and Germany can replace at most 4% of energy with other suppliers for the next 7 years. That means the economic Nazi like ”blitzkrieg” is again being felt way more on Germany than on Russia.

I hope that Russians will now stop buying German made cars and other European products and switch to other products either made in Russia and China or India.

Reply to  Malaparte
20-04-22 13:05

It’s idiotic to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

General Lee
Reply to  Malaparte
20-04-22 13:19

The definition of economic suicide?

20-04-22 13:04

Even if there was a shortage, Russia is all in. Nothing will stop her. We would do better simply to recall how Nazi’s came to Stalingrad and Russia resisted. She made it to Berlin no matter the costs and cost to defeat the Nazis was huge. Russians are in 200-year survival mode, in this mode it’s either you live or the enemy.

General Lee
20-04-22 13:06

It would be helpful if they would allow non-residents to open a bank account in Russia and buy rubles, and get a MIR card to use this when visiting the country.

20-04-22 15:07

Ukraine offensive ‘no more scandalous’ than invading Iraq, according to ex-French ambassador Gérard Araud.

20-04-22 15:09

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