The death toll rose to 134 from a dam collapse that buried an entire village of workers late last month in southeastern Brazil.

At least 200 people were missing near the town of Brumadinho after the dam broke at an iron ore mining complex operated by the Brazilian mining giant Vale S.A.

Death toll rises to 134 in Brazil dam collapse

The mining dam constructed to hold toxic waste was build right above the village of the protesting and enslaved employees.

Of the 134 killed, 120 people have been identified, Minas Gerais Civil Defense said, adding that the disaster left some surviving 105 people homeless, while the rest was covered and buried in the mudslide.

Search and rescue efforts remain ongoing in the area. So far, five engineers were arrested in connection to the collapse.

AA. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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The results of greed in the most extreme form?