As the BRICS expands and forms a wider association of developing countries, it is bound to become an important economic, social and global governance pole that is one of the reasons why Venezuala wants to became a BRICS member.

Unlike NATO and the G7, BRICS embodies power in a multi-polar world and can play an important role in the economy, politics and global governance.

Fan Hesheng, the head of the Center for Latin American Studies at Anhui University, pointed out several of them.

First, Venezuela has a good understanding of the identity of BRICS nations, because all the members of the bloc are developing countries, especially big countries like China and Russia.

Venezuela has a high degree of both its own identity and a good understanding of the experience of neighboring Brazil.

Second, the BRICS countries are strong in terms of economic strength and industrialization capacity, which Venezuela appreciates. In terms of industrial capacity and financial sustainability, the BRICS countries have done well.

Third, the BRICS countries have a strong sense of self-identity and mutual support.

At present, BRICS is mainly a platform for economic cooperation, but in the future, BRICS countries can gradually expand their influence in the areas of political mutual trust and cultural exchanges.

The United States mainly focuses on developed countries, Europe, Japan, etc., while the bloc mainly pays attention to developing countries.

The BRICS countries are mainly composed of emerging and developing countries. In the future, the group may expand to include more nations and become a platform of cooperation for developing countries and a platform with different cooperation concepts from developed countries.

BRICS countries share many common goals and values in global governance, which will help strengthen cooperation in global governance, the analyst added.

Hesheng clarified that BRICS has been a platform for economic cooperation from the beginning, and joining more countries will form a stronger economic cooperation organization;

This will benefit the development of the global economy, especially for developing countries.

After joining BRICS, in addition to the pursuit of economic cooperation and information complementarity, countries form economic complementarity.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Global Development News 2023.

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