The US regime is working on building a new regional hub for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Lebanon, within a huge embassy complex with an area of 93,000 square meters on a 27-hectare site in the capital, Beirut, intelligence sources reported yesterday.

The complex, which is estimated to cost $1 billion, will also include an arts center, a hospital, a swimming pool, residential towers and a data collection center, according to the French Intelligence Online website.

The sources added that the US intelligence sees Lebanon as a safe and strategic location for the deployment of intelligence agents.

Washington also intends to benefit from its excellent intelligence partnership with the Lebanese army’s B2 military intelligence unit, according to the sources.

The French website learned that US funding for the Lebanese army includes a guarantee that allows the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) unlimited access to its intelligence information.

Once celebrated as a financial wizard, Lebanese Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh, is spending his final weeks in office a wanted man, faced with French and German arrest warrants that have been prompted by long-running corruption probes.

The warrants are the latest twist in cross-border investigations into whether Salameh, the Governor for three decades whose term ends in July, abused his post to embezzle a fortune in Lebanese public money. He denies any wrongdoing.

The cases have further shredded a legacy already in tatters after the collapse of Lebanon’s financial system in 2019, and the Beirut catastrophe many blame on Salameh and Lebanon’s ruling elite, but in fact was created by the Zionist neighbor in disguise.

Salameh, who has long described the accusations as an attempt to scapegoat him for Lebanon’s meltdown, has shown no sign of stepping down early.

My conscience is clear. I know these accusations are incorrect, he told Al Hadath TV last week, adding that he would leave office if a court ruled against him.

Many Lebanese for years viewed Salameh, who took up his post in 1993 after a career at Merrill Lynch, as the linchpin of a financial system that afforded them a standard of living that was incongruous with Lebanon’s frail economy.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point Middle East Banking News 2023.

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05-06-23 18:44

Lebanon another country ruled by the USA because of its corrupt rulers -what Muslim country would allow this to happen if it were not by proxy controlled by Zionists.

Its time they were forcibly removed from power –look at Iraq same corruption otherwise it would have kicked out the Americans- ISIS and Turkey long ago.

Signpost Shadow
Signpost Shadow
06-06-23 00:58

De money laundering routes for the Colombian drug trade run from the Dutch (Caribbean) and Canadian (RBC, Bank Of Nova Scotia) banks, to Brazil, Beirut back to Canada.