Russia has sent troops and weapons to Venezuela to protect Venezuela from a possible US invasion. Trump and Pence are telling Russia they won’t accept this.

They demand that their coup-attempt succeed. Russia is no more-likely to accept that in Venezuela than in Syria, where the US invasion-via-proxies continues.

So, the USA is now committed, in at least those two places, to regime-change, where Russia is less publicly and explicitly, but perhaps even more, committed to halt America’s aggressions.

Vice President Mike Pence, on the same day, said “Nicolás Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power, and it is the policy of the United States of America, at the direction of President Donald Trump, that Nicolás Maduro must go.”

The United States is therefore trying to do to Maduro what Barack Obama did to Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine in 2014, and to Muammar Gaddaffi in Libya in 2011, and tried to do to Bashar Assad after 2011 in Syria, and what George W. Bush did in 2003 to Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

But, this time, there is a difference, because right up front, Russia is not allowing it, and is sending men and equipment to Venezuela, to prevent it from happening — in other words, to block the US Government from achieving a conquest of Venezuela.

The idea of the United States as a ‘policeman of the world’ has now become an insult to the United Nations and makes clear what John Bolton had meant.

Anyone today who supports the US Government opposes the United Nations, and despises democracy — not only domestically, but especially internationally.

Specifically in regard to the ongoing US coup-attempt against the sovereign nation of Venezuela. A gangster-led nation hires professionals to fool them, constantly. This is serious business, not for amateurs.

The naive view of ‘democracy’ makes it sound natural, but it’s not — not at all. Sometimes things that are unnatural are essential; and this is increasingly coming to be the case.

Calling the USA a ‘democracy’ is to support this government that the entire world recognizes to be the most aggressive and dangerous regime on planet Earth.

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.  

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29-04-21 01:33

Venezuela must fight back and with the help of Iran that could be accomplished?