Hussein al-Ramahi, the head of the political commission of Hezbollah brigades in Iraq, disclosed that his forces have discovered Saudi supplied arms and ammunition in areas taken back from ISIS control.

The arms aids have been dropped down for the Takfiri terrorists by unidentified planes flying in US controlled airspace.

Unidentified Planes Supplying ISIS with Arms from Saudi Arabia

The Iraqi security and popular forces have discovered Saudi-supplied weapons in regions liberated from ISIS control. Unknown airplanes had supplied the ISIS with the weapons in coordination with the USA.

Boxes containing weapons and equipment with Saudi names and labels on it were discovered in Iraq.  At the same time in Syria, Israeli, British and French weapons were found at liberated ISIS strongholds.

Your News / AA Magnum News 2018.

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Gerrrit van den Rozenberg
Gerrrit van den Rozenberg
09-03-22 02:10

The same happens in Ukraine?