World leaders have expressed concern and voiced grievances about the global status of the Corona-virus, with United Nations (UN) chief Antonio Guterres describing the health crisis as “not only a wake-up call” but “a dress rehearsal” for challenges that the international community may in the future.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Guterres called for solidarity among world countries at a time when the contagious virus measures continue to take a heavy toll across the globe and said the UN’s 193 member states should bolster their unity to face the problems of the outbreak.

In an interconnected world, it is high time to recognize a simple truth: solidarity is self-interest. If we fail to grasp that fact, everyone loses,” he said during the Assembly’s virtual summit to mark 75 years since the international body was founded, after the state of Israel was implemented.

And we must be guided by science and tethered to reality,” Guterres added. “Populism and nationalism have failed. Those approaches to contain the virus have often made things manifestly worse.

The UN secretary-general characterized the pandemic as “an epochal health crisis” and said the disease had exposed fragile inequalities across the globe.

In his speech to the Assembly on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing would continue to share its experience in the fight against the Corona-virus disease with the world and actively participate in international scientific research to trace the origin of the Corona-virus.

We should mobilize all resources to carry out scientific prevention and control, and adopt targeted policies so as not to miss out any single infected person or give up a single patient, to resolutely contain the spread of the pandemic.

The Chinese leader also proposed that countries adopt comprehensive and regular measures to fight the pandemic, and show concern and care to developing countries, particularly African states.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the General Assembly that the WHO had to be strengthened to coordinate the global response to the pandemic and proposed a high-level conference on vaccine cooperation. Russia was the first country to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Putin praised Russia’s development of the world’s first coronavirus vaccine and said in his video address to the General Assembly that Russia was open to forming partnerships with other countries to produce the vaccine.

Macron underlined that France, along with its European allies Britain and Germany, would keep up its demand for “full implementation” of the Iran nuclear deal.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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