Australian journalist John Pilger has warned that the American Deep State’ entities are pushing for Australia to start a war with China as part of its New World Order agenda.

the U.S. elite are so desperate to maintain their stronghold over the world, that they are pushing their Australian refugee cousins to start a military conflict with China in order to force Australia into choosing a side – thus strengthening the globalist alliance.

Trump’s attack on Syria had little to do with chemical weapons. It was, above all, to show his detractors and doubters in Washington’s war-making institutions — the Pentagon, the CIA, the Congress — how tough he was and prepared to risk a war with Russia.

He had spilled blood in Syria, a Russian protectorate; he was surely now on the team. The attack was also meant to say directly to President Xi, his dinner guest: this is how we deal with those who challenge the top dog.

China has long received this message. In its rise as the world’s biggest trader and manufacturer, China has been encircled by 400 U.S. military bases — a provocation described by a former Pentagon strategist as “a perfect noose.”

This is not Trump’s doing. In 2011, President Barack Obama flew to Australia to declare, in an address to parliament, what became known as the pivot to Asia: the biggest build-up of U.S. air and naval forces in the Asia Pacific region since the Second World War.

The target was China. America had a new and entirely unnecessary enemy. Today, low-draft U.S. warships, missiles, bombers, drones operate on China’s doorstep.

As Australian political, military and intelligence establishments are integrated into the war plans of a growing American obsession — the shift of trading, banking and development power to the east — Australia is making an enemy it never bargained for.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
25-08-20 14:45

War is the only business the US Zionists regime knows best?