The Venezuelan police in Caracas told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti that Venezuela’s intelligence service had detained two associates of the country’s opposition leader and self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido.

Venezuelan Minister of Interior Nestor Reverol, during an appearance on state television, said that Roberto Marrero, an aide to Guaido, was part of a terrorist cell that planned attacks in the country and was linked with foreign mercenaries.

A batch of weapons and cash money in foreign currency were seized from him.

The investigation carried out by intelligence agencies together with the office of the prosecutor general … led to the detention of Roberto Eugenio Marrero, 49, who is a lawyer and is directly responsible for the organization of criminal groups.

With the detention of the Colombian paramilitary chief, authorities had disrupted the activities of a terror cell that had planned to stage a number of attacks, the interior minister added.

Reverol also suggested that the cell could have hired mercenaries from Colombia or Central America to attempt to assassinate Venezuelan political leaders, military personnel, judges, as well as to carry out “acts of sabotage” toward public services in order to sow chaos in the Venezuelan society.

A police source had previously told the press that two of the closest associates of Venezuelan National Assembly leader Juan Guaido — Roberto Marrero and Sergio Vergara — were detained at their homes.

The USA was quick to respond to the news, with US National Security Adviser John Bolton calling the arrest a “big mistake” and threatening to respond harshly.

Venezuela has been in a political crisis since January 5, 2019 when Guaido was elected the head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

On January 23, two days after the Venezuelan Supreme Court annulled his election, Guaido declared himself the country’s “interim president.”

Venezuela Today / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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