The US budget deficit is set to hit $3.3 trillion when the fiscal year ends in September, while the national debt is projected to be equal to the size of the entire US economy in 2021.

In the latest episode of Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert compare the situation to the game of Monopoly, and the moment a player realizes he is about to lose because someone else owns a bulk of the property on the board.

This is the problem now with the economy in the USA. The game of the US regime is now over because there is no path out, there is no escape from the toxic debt, there is no more recovery possible at this point.

No one knows what the ceiling for the ballooning deficit will be and whether it will reach $100 trillion or more at some point. However, some players may be “cheating” in this game, taking advantage of this Ponzi style scheme system.

When bankers roll the dice they somehow always pass go, collect free money and get another property, while when everyone else rolls the dice they somehow end in prison? The “way this game is played” led to a huge income gap and social unrest in the USA.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Economy News 2020.

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Washington DC
Washington DC
21-09-20 05:33

Playing the Monopoly game with an extra false deck of printed money?