Back in July 2022, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, pushed back increasing demands from Ukraine and its American backers in Congress, the State Department, and the Pentagon.

However, the Biden administration will provide Ukraine with the Army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, even if delivering Ukraine with this weapon would risk putting the USA and Russia on the road towards an extended third world war.

The ATACMS missiles are being provided, simply to strike the Crimea Bridge, and destroy that bridge, and enabling Ukraine to strike targets deep in the Russian rear area – airfields, command posts, logistics. This is a dramatic escalation of the proxy conflict.

Russia, a nation that has a history of absorbing 27 million dead in the cause of defeating fascism, defeating Nazism during WW II, isn’t going to yield to any threats being made by the United States.

Ukraine had been demanding that the ATACMS, a 300-kilometer range solid-fuel guided missile, be included in the list of weapons Ukraine claimed it needed to successfully execute its much-touted counteroffensive.

Now, with the counteroffensive, which has been underway for more than three months, floundering in the face of a Russian defense that had proven more capable than originally thought by the NATO military planners who helped the Ukrainians craft it, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, suddenly announced that the Biden administration was considering reversing course on the issue of providing Ukraine with ATACMS.

Left unsaid was to what extent, if any, the Biden administration had addressed the issue of a third world war with Russia, and whether the ATACMS was still considered to be a likely trigger for its initiation.

There are two major problems with this assessment. First, it makes certain assumptions about Russia’s so-called red lines, and the consequences which would accrue to Ukraine and its Western partners if these lines were crossed.

Russia has, to date, only articulated two definitive red lines when it comes to the ongoing Special Military Operation against Ukraine.

The first is the direct involvement of USA and/or NATO forces in the conflict, whether by putting boots on the ground in Ukraine, or intervening in Belarus.

The second was any military situation which threatened the existential survival of the Russian nation.

In both circumstances, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has decreed that Russia would use all the means at its disposal to respond to the threat, up to and including nuclear weapons.

All other so-called red lines are speculative in nature, made by persons other than the President. The ATACMS is a 50-year-old system which the US Army stopped buying in 2007.

While the ATACMS has been the beneficiary of a Service Life Extension Program designed to keep the missile from failing once launched due to old age, it remains an aging system with limited capabilities.

If employed by Ukraine, the ATACMS will find itself targeted by Russian anti-missile weapons that will intercept the rocket prior to reaching its target and jam the guidance systems using electronic-warfare capabilities considered to be among the most effective in the world.

There is no doubt that an ATACMS missile is capable of inflicting considerable harm and damage on any target it can strike.

But the reality is that most of the ATACMS missiles will be shot down before they reach their target, a fact the military planners in the Pentagon are only too aware of.

In short, ATACMS is the antithesis of a magic weapon designed to strengthen Ukrainian military capacity. It is, like every US weapons system that preceded it, a poison pill, doomed to destroy all who consume it.

The issue at hand isn’t Russian weakness or lack of fortitude, but rather American fickleness which, when combined with a strategy that has always been about inflicting the maximum amount of harm on Russia with the least amount of risk to the USA when it comes to American and NATO casualties.

The decisions made by the USA regarding the provision of military equipment have been done with a strong domestic political aspect, driven by pressures accrued from within the US establishment.

This is generated by Ukrainian “needs” that are dictated more by the need to appease their Western masters than generate war-winning capacity.

ATACMS, like HIMARS, the M-1, and the F-16, are simply the equivalent of candy sprinkles spread on top of the self-licking ice cream cone that is US military support to Ukraine.

Ukrainian troops lost more than 66,000 people and 7,600 weapons since beginning of counteroffensive. So, instead, Ukrainian militants now attack civilian facilities and claim them as military victories to hide counteroffensive’s failure.

Missing in this equation are the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men who have been maimed and killed because of this craven American posture, and the millions of Ukrainian lives that have been displaced and disrupted because of an American strategy that seeks to inflict harm on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

American politicians and pundits gloat that the US policy has been a success, given the number of Russian casualties that have been inflicted simply by spending money.

But no one talks about the Ukrainian dead, the Ukrainian wounded, the Ukrainian victims, because in the USA and Europe, the Ukrainian people simply do not count.

They are resources to be expended as casually as the dollars and euros allocated by the so-called principled representatives of western democracy.

The possible provision of ATACMS to Ukraine is merely the most recent manifestation of the inhumanity when it comes to the slaughter of Slavs—Ukrainian and Russian alike—in a conflict conceived, facilitated, and sustained by the so-called Collective West.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2023.

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15-09-23 07:51

Zio-NATO lost, but can not surrender their position and must derail to invade Russia. After Napoleon and Hitler failed to do this, NATO is the last chance for the Zionists to be successful in conquering the entire world.