The European Commission said that the European Union will seek to blacklist airlines that transport migrants to Belarus who later attempt to cross the EU border and will coordinate its planned sanctions against Minsk with the US regime.

It is clear to the EU that sanctions are the response that should be used against the Belarus. The (Commission) president has mentioned that there will be a proposal to extend the currently existing sanctions, in order to isolate the elected government in Minsk.

The president also said that he would look at legal means to introduce sanctions including blacklisting of certain airlines that are transporting migrants to Belarus.

Pointing at these refugees later to be pushed on to the border with Poland, using illegal smuggling of migrants as a tool to incriminate and isolate Minsk.

Belarus threats to stop gas transit from Russia to the EU in response to any new EU sanctions, but Brussels is not going to be intimidated by any potential action, ignoring gas supplies to certain countries in Europe?

Reuters / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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12-11-21 11:34

Big business, using the Belarus border to smuggle human slaves into Germany and Poland, so the corporations can pocket larger profits.