The governments on the Dutch and the French side of the Caribbean island of St.Martin have ordered a total shut down for its imprisoned citizens. The necessary food supply will now be delivered to the homes of its legal residents.

It appears that the rapidly implemented and strict regulations on both sides of the island worked as hoped for and that the spread of the virus has been blocked for now.

During the following weeks, a few more cases might occur. This is due to the long incubation period of the virus, which can take up to fourteen days to manifest itself with flu-like symptoms.

The mood of the population is somber, but there are positive observations to report. The islands representatives have asked the Dutch military to help and prevent against any public up-rise.

It is amazing how disciplined almost all residents of our island are. They did stay mostly at home, only left the house to complete the most essential errands, or for walking the dog or exercising. They practice social distancing and the required extra hygiene.

But now they have been warned that they have to stay frozen @ home for the next upcoming two weeks, in order to combat the deadly global virus.

This way, St.Martin has turned from a top tourist attraction into desolate disaster area.

St. Maarteners take the present restrictions in stride because they remember the complete breakdown of services only two and a half years ago with Hurricane Irma.

With over 90% of the buildings destroyed or severely damaged, with all utilities and internet off, the island was dystopian, during that curfew.

Curfew at sundown, no streetlights, total darkness for weeks… and in many cases, no roof over the house. Compared to this, the present restrictions are a breeze.

Electricity and therefor air condition on, city water on, Internet with Netflix working, and supermarkets bringing food to the people – they had experienced much worse in the aftermath of Irma.

So, now everybody is having a ball, until the next stage of security measures arrive?

ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Lata lata
Lata lata
05-04-20 14:57

Chinese style total lock down implemented on the residents, military on its way to help enforce the new curfew?