A leading Russian politician may have just revealed the biggest Russian military secret. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is well-known for his explosive speeches and eyebrow-rising claims, made his latest one during a talk show last week.

He said Russia should double down on its decision to supply the S-300 long-range anti-aircraft missiles to Syria. The Americans are afraid that the entire world will see that the Russian S-300 system is the best in the world. 

Russia also has the S-400, S-500, S-600 and S-700! We can cover the entire planet, and not a single warplane will be able to take off!”

The S-300 and the S-400 are two generations of Russian long-range air defense systems meant to protect strategically important sites like key infrastructure objects, military units or ballistic missile launch silos from enemy aircraft and missiles.

An S-500 system is currently in development by Almaz-Antey and may have anti-satellite capabilities, according to open source data. The ‘S-700’ would be the last one because “it will shoot down every missile right at the launch site.”

ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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19-02-20 00:43

Deploy immediately please?

Reply to  Mule
20-09-20 19:11

Yes, indeed stop this armed invasions performed by Zionist trash?