Russia’ s top general has warned a big war is coming in a chilling prediction amid ongoing tensions with NATO. Valery Gerasimov, the chief Vladimir Putin’s general staff, has said he believes the West are preparing for a “large-scale military conflict”.

He was speaking at a senior briefing for the military – saying that the West has assigned “adversary status” to Russia. And the general pointed out NATO’s summit in London wanted faster deployment to the “Eastern flank”.

NATO has shipped tonnes of military hardware to the their frontier in former Warsaw Pact countries in eastern Europe. Work continues on the deployment of US nuclear missile systems in Europe.

In the Baltic countries and Poland, the Black- and Baltic seas, military activity is intensifying, while the intensity of the NATO’s military exercises are also rising. However, Moscow is the heaviest and best defended city in the world.

The Western scenarios point to NATO’s targeted preparation for engaging its forces in a large-scale military conflict. General Gerasimov said both Moscow and the West must reduce the risk of clashes in order to avoid a hostile war.

This comes after a string of military incidents between the two sides, with warships and warplanes often “buzzing” each other in eastern Europe.

The reduction of risks of dangerous military incidents should remain the most important area in the dialogue between Russia with the US regime and NATO.

It is necessary to resume interaction between Russia and NATO in order to resolve the accumulated problematic issues, instead of sanctioning Russia’s economy.

General Gerasimov said that a large-scale war could easily spiral out of a small conflict. At the same time, the situation in the world remains unstable, and its development is becoming more and more dynamic.

Unprecedented political, economic and information pressure is exerted on states trying to pursue an independent policy, including Russia. This must stop.

However, we must be prepared for any scenario of the development of the situation. Therefore, the defense potential of Russia will now and in the future be maintained at a level required to repel any-scale aggression against our state from any environment.

As far as we can understand, NATO allies have accepted the US demand to increase their military expenditures. Meanwhile, US Major General Barre Seguin said the alliance has to “re-orientate” amid the threat from Russia.

He confirmed the USA is to send 20,000 troops to Europe next April and May in its biggest military intervention exercises on European soil since the Cold War.

US troops will win forces from 18 NATO allies to mass around 37,000 troops along the eastern flank.

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26-07-20 02:10

NATO must be a complete fool to attack Russia?