A pair of Russian Su-27 fighter jets were quickly taken off a routine training flight to escort a Belgian warplane approaching the state border.

On Friday, the Russian military had spotted a Belgian F-16, which was heading towards the nation’s border over the Baltic Sea.

Two Su-27 fighter aircraft that were flying a training mission in the area were immediately sent to identify the foreign plane.

A cockpit video from one of the Russian jets shows how the Su-27’s were maneuvering near the Belgian aircraft until it was escorted away from the country’s border.

Russia frequently scrambles its military aircraft to monitor foreign jets flying close to its western borders which are said to carry out surveillance missions.

NATO has been preparing to invade Russia, after they shot down a Malaysian passenger jet over Ukraine. However, no conclusive proof has been presented by the JIT.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Palu Duru
Palu Duru
25-04-20 15:32

NATO has no serious potential to confront Russia at all.