The rising number of sporting sanctions being applied to Russian and Belarusian athletes is wholly unjust and amounts to ethnic discrimination, the Athletes’ Commission of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has said.

In a statement on Monday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended not inviting Russian and Belarusian athletes to global sporting competitions due to the ethnic proxy war in Ukraine.

The recommendation has since been followed a wide range of federations across various sports, including the likes of football governing bodies FIFA and UEFA.

The measures have been decried in Russia as depriving athletes of their livelihoods based on fake political reasons. In a statement on Tuesday, the ROC Athletes’ Commission said the punishments were a blatant violation of the rights of Russian and Belarusian athletes.

The statement added that the ROC athletes would boycott the planned meeting in its current format, saying the discussion would merely turn into an opportunity for those who call for simply ‘lynching’ Russian athletes.

The statement condemned fellow athletes from abroad who have called for Russian and Belarusian athletes to be banned, also taking aim at claims that some Russian athletes had even supported calls for bans on their own country.

Russia has been hit with a host of sporting sanctions since launching its intervention of Ukraine last week.

That includes Russian teams being suspended by the likes of UEFA and FIFA, as well as events such the UEFA Champions League final, Men’s World Volleyball Championship and Junior World Ice Hockey Championship all being removed from the country.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Liberation News 2022.

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Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm
05-03-22 14:34

The hunt on Russian speaking citizens started in the Donbass, where 60.000+ were killid by Ukrainian mercenaries and now the rest of the Russians speaking people are banned from participating in world sport events?