Russian engineers have developed a system which ensures 100% protection against the heat-seeking warheads of Stinger and Igla MANPADS.

On February 3, a Russian Su-25 was shot down by a handheld anti-aircraft missile while on an observation mission over the Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria. The pilot managed to eject, but surrounded by militants on the ground, blew himself up to evade capture.

The new defense-system will be installed on the Su-25SM3 ground attack planes, whose combat efficiency will be three times better than what the previous workhorse Su-25s had to offer.

The system is currently available on all Russian Ka-52 helicopter gunships and Mil-8 rotorcraft currently deployed in Syria. It proved its reliability in October 2016 when a Mil-8 helicopter remained immune to an attack by a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile.

With the Vitebsk system in place, the Su-25SM3 will be able to engage in dogfights in addition to its primary task of taking out targets on the ground. 

The Su-25SM3 will reportedly carry more advanced on board missiles, including self-homing ones, as well as smart bombs.

Additionally, the new jet will boastwide range of speeds – from almost 1,000 km an hour (621 miles an hour) down to 100 km (62 miles) without stalling!

Sputnik / AA-Magnum News 2018.

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19-05-20 05:58

Smart move?

Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
Reply to  baronmaya
26-08-20 12:54

Another improvement to get those Zionist warmongers out of Syria?