Turkey is calling for NATO’s protection after 33 of its soldiers were killed in an apparent Syrian airstrike in Idlib, allegedly while fighting in terrorist ranks. In the regional chaos that ensues, only one player stands to gain, and that’s Israel.

Speculation over what’s to come next after Omer Celik, spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AKP party, indicated to reporters in Ankara that he was looking at requesting formal NATO protection against Damascus and, by proxy, the Russian air force.

Article 5 of the NATO treaty says an attack on one member is an attack on them all. Even if Turkey is invading another country?

The US State Department also condemned the attack on the Turkish military in Syria, stating that it stands by its “NATO ally Turkey.”

It further stated that it continues to “call for an immediate end to this despicable offensive by the Assad’s liberation troops, including Russia and Iranian-backed forces.”

However, it is unclear if NATO has the stamina to back Turkey in any meaningful way in a war against a Syrian government which is backed by Russian air power.

It is also unclear if Article 5 extends to NATO allies when they have effectively invaded a foreign entity. In fact, even if no corporate media entity would willingly admit it, the nation defending itself in this specific set of facts is Syria – not Turkey.

Of course, anyone who has been paying attention to the war in Syria can appreciate that Ankara’s material and financial support for terrorist groups in Syria, including and especially Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), has long been documented.


The USA has been seriously troubled by Turkey’s move to procure Russia’s S-400 missile system. Washington is also concerned by Turkey’s desire to join the China-Russia dominated Shanghai Co-operation Organization (SCO), which could see Turkey in an alliance with not only Russia and China, but Iran as well.

The hostile US regime is willing to back Turkey into a corner in which it finds itself confronting Russia, with or without the full support of the NATO alliance, if it means that what was looking like a budding fruitful relationship between Ankara and Moscow will fall completely apart.

On the other hand, Moscow, a key ally of the Syrian government, is unlikely to stand by while Turkey insists on invading Syrian territory and defending the various jihadist groups which have wreaked havoc in Syria for close to a decade.

Perhaps this is what Donald Trump was hinting at when he recently said he would pass the fight against ISIS over to Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia while he focused on maintaining control of oil and resources.

The US regime can sit on the sidelines and watch other nations fight among themselves, while the USA concentrates on the spoils of war.

The divide-and-conquer strategy of the American empire is still alive and well. Given the risk of a heightened conflict involving a NATO member who holds a significant stock of US nuclear bombs.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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28-02-20 16:58

Zionist preparing for WW III, blaming Russia?