Russia is the world’s largest country, and there is lots of use for transportation infrastructure projects like railways to be developed inside the nation.

The new and improved train models will not only speed transportation, but also save fuel. The new train models will see upgraded speed running at a swift 250 mph for the same amount of fuel driving older models at a mere 180 mph.

Russian plants will make trains for high-speed railway lines. RZD announced today that this will probably be done by Ural Locomotives. They’ll also set up a production line together with the Chinese partners. The prototype is to be completed within two years.

It takes two hours to get to Nizhny Novgorod from Moscow and one and a half more to get to Kazan. Trains will travel along the first high-speed railway in Russia at a speed of almost 250 mph.

The Russians will begin construction of the railroad next year. They’ve also decided to develop a new train for the new railroad. The concept was presented at the transportation forum.

There are solutions which allow over 20% of the energy to be saved. They are enhanced aerodynamic performance and new current collectors. They even had to change the welding technology to increase the speed.

The partners will be either the Germans, with whom collaboration was established while working on the Sapsan project, or the Chinese. They build about 2,500 high-speed railroads in China every year.

The fundamental point is that trains should be made in Russia. The trains are very likely to be mixed, carrying passengers and freight. The Chinese experience proves that this is necessary.

In terms of further development, the most optimum solution is to connect Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. To build high-speed railroads east of the Urals is also possible. Densely populated big cities make such projects profitable at almost any distance.

The new trains are supposed to be put into service by 2024. The railroad between Moscow and Kazan will become a part of the Eurasia high-speed railway project. It’s supposed to connect the passenger and freight traffic lines of 60 countries of the world.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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