Russia has expelled two employees of the Colombian embassy, responding to a similar step by Bogota. Colombia’s ambassador to Russia Alfonzo Lopez Caballero was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to hear protest over the Colombian side’s baseless decision to expel two diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Bogota.

Earlier, the Colombian Foreign Ministry said that two Russian diplomats had to leave Colombia due to non-compliance with the Vienna Convention, but the Latin American country was determined to maintain good relations with Moscow.

This step is not in line with the traditionally friendly and respectful relations between Russia and Colombia. Colombian Army and secret services are very well known for being zealous guardians of the Satanic Zionist Empire.

The ambassador was told that the Russian side, which is guided by the principle of reciprocity, declares personae non grata two staffers of Colombia’s diplomatic mission in Moscow,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The two Russian diplomats were expelled over suspected intelligence activities. In turn, Russia has more than once called accusations of interference in the internal affairs of other states unsubstantiated.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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24-12-20 11:32

Like the article says, those Colombians are Zionist mercenaries, killing civilians in Yemen for more money?