Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster revealed that Britain is providing “engineering support” for UK-supplied aircraft operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force, responsible for killing thousands of innocent people in Yemen.

He admitted that the RAF have provided engineering and “generic training” to the Saudi Air Force involved in the bombing of Yemen.

However, Lancaster insisted UK personnel were not involved in the loading of Western supplied weapons for operational sorties.

It’s not just the UK that has been widely criticized for supporting the Saudi-led coalition’s bombardment of Yemen.

The US Pentagon revealed that they were having to claw back $331 million of taxpayer-subsidized money gifted to Saudi Arabia and the UAE over a three-year period, when it ‘accidentally’ refueled their aircraft for free during their War on Yemen.

Coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have relentlessly bombed Yemen since 2015 in an effort to attack the elected government and oust Houthi rebels controlling the capital city of Sanaa.

The UAE military forces has now occupied the five major Yemeni ports in order to block UN humanitarian aid efforts dumping the population into a genocidal holocaust.

The hostile and evil  Saudi coalition has reportedly targeted hospitals and other civilian infrastructure, leading to a massive cholera outbreak (bio-warfare), and upwards of 60,000 people are believed to have died in the conflict since 2016.

The Zionist supported Dogs of War Horror Show has further caused an estimated 85,000 deaths from famine and malnutrition.

Half of Yemen’s population relies on food aid to survive, placing them in immediate danger of starving to death after coalition forces also blockaded the port city of Hodeidah last year.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Washington DC
Washington DC
21-09-20 15:34

This is how freedom works with Zionist backed entities?