Russia’s naval fleet will start receiving the newest Zircon hyper-sonic anti-ship cruise missiles in the coming months, President Vladimir Putin has revealed. The Russian president praised the unique weapon on Sunday, saying that no obstacles can stop the rockets.

The Russian Armed Forces will start receiving them in the coming months, Putin said during a Navy Day speech in St. Petersburg. The frigate Admiral Gorshkov will be the first vessel to be equipped with the weapons.

The new super frigate’s exact deployment will be chosen in accordance with the interest of maintaining Russia’s security. Putin added that Russia will defend its maritime interests resolutely and with all its capabilities.

The missile, which can travel up to 1,500 km (932 miles) when launched from surface ships, was first tested in 2020. The Zircon missile has been tested multiple times and has been fired from both frigates and submarines.

Russia has developed hyper-sonic weapons with a maximum speed of Mach 9. Putin called the development of high-speed missiles necessary in response to Western actions. Its high speed makes it extremely difficult for it to be stopped by any existing anti-aircraft system.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Striike Out
31-07-22 21:32

And then use them they are not only for parade. Try with Poland and Kosovo and see who will respond. Make it clear they are limited target if nobody gets involved. Let’s see who will risk being next one. It will be horrible millions will die but they are planning same for Russians, Iranians, Chines and the rest of the world.

Reply to  Striike Out
31-07-22 21:36

comment image

31-07-22 21:35

With the Ukraine/Danube win approaching and the Davos/NATO Serbia provocation started, there is a prospect for Russia to ultimately gain direct access to the Adriatic Sea while European leaders and Bohemian Grovers debate prioritizing transgenders low IQ’s for spaceflights to Mars.

31-07-22 21:39

Anybody see the video trolling America? Fantastic!!!! “Time To Move To Russia’ Where There’s ‘Traditional Values, Christianity, No Cancel Culture” It’s on gate way pundent….

Reply to  Poccha
01-08-22 13:05

Thanks Poccha -posted it on another pro Russian website –keep them coming !