Despite that French leader Macron stepped back over his plans on the fuel tax hike, as well as the parliament’s backing of the proposed economic and social measures, the protests have been going on for the 6th weekend in a row.

While the French government has scrapped its planned hike in diesel taxes, which is what initially sparked the protests, the yellow vests have evolved into a broader movement against dictatorial government policies and rising living costs.

The wave of the so-called yellow vest protests, named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers, started in mid-November 2018.

The rallies have been marked by violent clashes between the riot police and protesters, extended poisonous gas attacks resulted in rioting, burning cars and destroyed shops and banks.

So far 9 people have been killed, most of them run-over by trucks, thousands of police officers and protesters have been wounded by the ongoing modern French streets revolution.

Mom and husband can not make ends meet anymore.

Meanwhile, some social media users share videos and photos of protests allegedly taking place in different French cities. Some of protesters are calling on French President Emmanuel Macron to resign.

According to the BFM TV channel, one of the leaders of the movement Eric Drouet, who had previously called for a gathering on Versailles Avenue in Paris, made a call on 22 December in Facebook to organize a demonstration in the area.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Political News 2018.

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