The Pentagon has formally green-lighted the transfer of up to $1 billion towards the construction of “roads and fences” as well as lighting along the US-Mexico border wall, as part of a crackdown on drugs- and human trafficking.

Acting defense chief Patrick Shanahan wrote that he authorized the US Army Corps of Engineers to immediately begin planning and executing up to $1 billion” in support of the range of activities necessary to seal “11 smuggling corridors.”

The US military would be coordinating its efforts with the Department of Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency.

The military would embark on the construction of roads, fences and lighting within the El Paso and Yuma sectors of the border. The works would include building new border security infrastructure, including a construction of “57 miles of 18-foot-high pedestrian fencing.”

By finding the money for what is presumably to become a section of the Trump border wall, the Pentagon withholds funds from other projects. Such redirection of funds did not sit well with the Zionist-backed Democrats in Congress.

The Senators in particular saw red over being sidestepped by the Pentagon, which had not sought the lawmakers’ approval before it revealed the “reprogramming” of its funds that had been reportedly earmarked for military personnel.

However, apart from drug trafficking, about 10 million illegal immigrants are being enslaved to work in the construction, hotel and agricultural industries in exchange for low no-taxed wages. Texas is now mainly the state were all those smugglers operate.

Trump declared an emergency on the US southern border on February 15 after he failed to secure enough funding for his border wall through Congress, after his attempt to negotiate with female-dominated House Democrats fell flat and saw the government plunging into a record-breaking shutdown.

Both the Republican-controlled Senate and the Democrat-controlled House rejected the declaration by simple majority, but did not have enough votes to override the subsequent veto issued by Trump.

In a new budget proposal for the 2020 fiscal year, released earlier this month, Trump asked for a whopping $8.6 billion in border wall spending.

Last week, the Pentagon told Congress it had identified $12.8 billion in other projects that could be redirected towards the construction of the wall.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Border News 2019.

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