Lima, Peru 2019.

The Moche culture arose between the years 100 and 800 AD in the north of Peru.

It stands out for its sophisticated ceramics, such as three-dimensional depictions of animals and people and their iconic portrait pots, as well as for its architecture, for instance the beautiful Sun and Moon Huaca.

The detailed images with which the Moche decorated their ceramics shed light on various aspects of Pre-Hispanic daily life, rituals and tradition.

Fellow citizens of the Americas and the world, We reach today the end of a great sport celebration that we will forever remember with pride and excitement.

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games gave us the chance to see the skills and talent of athletes and recognize the effort, perseverance and gathering of all the Americas.

Now, we Peruvians feel prouder than ever!

We hope that all visitors felt at home here, they had the opportunity to visit our ities and tourist sites; taste our cuisine; and, above all, experience the warmth and kindness of our people.

The “Peru” you have seen is a country that is now reshaping its future with energy and hard work, just like our ancestors did thousands of years ago. We are working to achieve great things.

Together, we are building a better future for Peru. Let’s all play in this task too!
Thanks to Panam Sports for trusting our country and thanks to the Organizing
Committee for making these Games a reality.

And thank you all for making this sport event unforgettable. It will remain forever in our minds and hearts. And now, following the tradition, I declare the Lima 2019 Pan American Games closed.

The USA sportsmen and women won the most medals (120 gold) during the Pan American Games of 2019 in Lima, Peru.

Brazil finished 2nd with 55 gold medals and Mexico finished 3rd during these 2019 Pan American Games in South America.

This time around in Lima, Canada finished 4th with 152 total medals, while the Cubans finished in 5th place with 33 gold medals, just before Argentina and Colombia. Host Peru took and exceptional overall 9th with a total of 39 medals during the competition.

Out of the 41 participating nations, 31 of them managed to win a medal, with the tiny Caribbean island Aruba winning a bronze medal with the 21-year old Mack van den Eeren Beemt in the category windsurfing.

Panam Games / Shoco Sports News 2019.

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