As astounding as it may sound to most observers, the global pivot state of the 21st century is not China, the USA, nor Russia, but Pakistan.

The South Asian state regrettably has a terrible international reputation as a result of the joint Indo-American info-war that’s been waged against it over the past few decades.

But an objective look at the country’s geo-strategic and domestic capabilities reveals that it’s in a prime position to influentially shape the contours of the coming century.

Pakistan’s promising economic potential, international connectivity capabilities, and unparalleled geo-strategic location combine with its world-class military and proven diplomatic finesse over the decades to turn the South Asian country into the global pivot state of the 21stcentury.

It therefore should not be surprising that China had the foresight to partner with it decades before anyone else did, but other Great Powers like Russia are finally awakening to its importance, and this is in turn making Pakistan the most strategically sought-after country in the world.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is Beijing’s flagship project of its world-changing Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) because it crucially enables the People’s Republic to avoid the South China Sea and Strait of Malacca hot spots and obtain reliable access to the Mideast and Africa.

BRI is redirecting global trade routes from West to East and literally building the basis for the emerging Multipolar World Order, so considering Pakistan’s irreplaceable important role in this process by virtue of CPEC, China’s South Asian partner can be re-conceptualized as the cornerstone of Beijing’s future world vision.

This in and of itself makes Pakistan pivotal, but there’s actually much more to it than just that. The country’s domestic economic potential is extremely promising when remembering that it’s a nation of over 200 million people uniquely positioned at the crossroads of China’s future trade route with the rest of the “Global South.

It’s little wonder then that major investment players such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are jumping at the opportunity to take part in this before any of their competitors can, wanting to get ahead of the race by establishing a premier presence in Pakistan as it becomes the shortest trade route between their economies and China’s.

Prophetically, Pakistani founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah predicted all of this when he famously proclaimed in 1948 that “Pakistan is the pivot of the world, placed on the frontier on which the future position of the world revolves”, and each passing day proves that he was right.

Global Research California / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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02-11-20 00:00

China is building the New Silk Road in order to avoid maritime shipping lanes, controlled by Western Zionist banks, institutions and insurances?

Reply to  Batman
03-12-20 18:23

And now India has been warned by the Western based Zionists to concur the issue of Kashmir in order to block China’s passage to Pakistan?