Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Iran on 21 April on a state visit to discuss security and regional issues.

Iran and Pakistan are going to form a joint rapid reaction force to fight terrorism inside their borders.

The Iran–Pakistan border is the international border between Iran and Pakistan, demarcating Pakistan’s Balochistan province from Iran’s Sistan and Balochistan Province; it is 959 km (596 miles) in length.

The border begins at the tri-point with Afghanistan at the Kuh-i-Malik Salih mountain. The boundary then veers sharply southwards via a series of straight lines, then east along some mountains to the Mashkil river, which it follows southwards, before reaching the Nahang river which it follows westwards.

It leaves the Nahang and then goes overland via various mountains ridges and straight line segments southwards to Gwadar Bay in the Gulf of Oman.

The Iranian president also stressed that the two nations were “determined to develop inclusive relations and cooperation without the impact of a third country”.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is on an official working visit to Iran on 21-22 April at Rouhani’s invitation. Khan is also scheduled to hold talks with members of the Iranian and Pakistani business communities.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Asia News 2019.

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16-07-20 20:00

Good cooperation between neighboring countries?

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18-10-21 00:24

Good one!