After all the tricks out of the Zionist invasive toolbox have been applied against the people of the world’s richest oil nation, the head of the OAS now thinks a military invasion should not be ruled out?

The head of the Organization of American States (OAS), accused by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of being a “CIA agent,” says military intervention against Caracas should not be ruled out as a response to the ongoing crisis.

The problems for Venezuela started when former president Hugo Chavez ordered the US oil companies out of the Latin American country, that has the largest oil reserves in the world. Before finishing his job, Chavez suspiciously died of aggressive cancer attack.

When Nicolas Maduro took over his wishes, the IMF immediately punished Venezuela with economic sanctions, blocking the dollar to be used in trade spectrum.

Washington supported the IMF and sanctioned Venezuela’s political representatives from signing any new contracts that could jeopardize US global interests.

The Venezuelan Bolivar spiraled into inflation and got destroyed by the evil sanctions, which led to chaos, because of lack of food and medical supplies available for the battered citizens of the South American country.

Now the OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro has hinted that the bloc may consider taking military action in Venezuela if it runs out of diplomatic options in its bid to alleviate the plight of people in the crisis-stricken country.

Venezuelans that have voted against the wishes of Venezuela have been fleeing to neighboring countries in droves due to shortages of food and water, as well as soaring inflation and unemployment at home.

Almagro was wrapping up his three-day trip to visit NATO partner Colombia, which has been partially impacted by the inward movement of refugees from Venezuela. Venezuela itself harbors about 3 million Colombian refugees within its borders.

Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Chile have also been sharing the refugee burden, with Brazil deploying troops to the border to restore order in the borderline state of Roraima after fierce clashes erupted between locals and migrants.

The New York Times, claimed that the administration of US President Donald Trump has long conspired with a group of Venezuelan officers to depose Maduro.

When confronted with the report, the White House did not outright deny that it had been engaged in secret talks with mutinous military anti-Chavista traitors to launch a coupe against Maduro.

Almagro and Maduro have been embroiled in a long-running war of words, exchanging insults and calling each other “traitors.” Back in 2016, Maduro accused Almagro of being a “CIA agent” and of turning the OAS into a US pawn.

In 2017, the government in Caracas formally started a withdrawal procedure and will cease to be a OAS member by 2019. / ABC Flash Point Invasion News 2018.

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20-08-23 00:15

What are these people, crazy. How is it possible for an economic welfare block wants to plan a military invasion against one of their own. Please give up membership, for a good reason. Next time it might be your country that stands on the execution block?