So, I took names. I went to my office and I had my staff put a list together, she told CPAC, referring to the 128 countries which voted against the radical motion.

They listed all 193 countries. The second column, I wanted them to say the percentage of times they voted with the United States and against the USA. And then I wanted the last column to show how much foreign aid we gave them (after destroying their economies)?

We give billions of dollars every year to countries that undermine America every day, she said, claiming that they stab us in the back and then they turn around and have their hand out wanting money.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley on March 03, 2023 in National Harbor, Maryland [Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images]

Haley accused some countries of even supporting terrorists that try and kill our troops, clarifying that we’re giving foreign aid to Pakistan, Iraq, the Palestinians and even communist Cuba and China.

The US’s annual foreign aid budget amounts to tens of billions of dollars allocated to certain countries which are either allies or developing nations in general.

Under Haley’s vow, as was starting to be the case under the Trump administration, that foreign aid would become ever more conditional on support for Washington’s policies and positions.

However, its not for the first time, the free world has stood up for truth and justice in Palestine. The General Assembly’s vote against President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem was a victory for the rule of law over the law of the jungle.

It now leaves both the USA and Israel isolated, disgraced and humiliated.

Washington’s threat to cut aid to countries that voted not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was an insult to the UN and a vicious assault on the sovereign rights of its members.

In their customary delusional manner, Israelis believed the US threat was enough to force compliance. They were mistaken; people around the world are simply tired of their arrogance and unethical conduct.

As it stands, Trump’s threat is consistent with a long-standing policy of US blackmail and intimidation exerted within the UN to further Israel’s illegal claims.

It was no different from the threats issued to impoverished nations to extract the controversial UN Partition Resolution 181 in 1947.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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08-03-23 16:34

Another step towards the hole the Zionist empire dug to bury their global enemies.