Russia’s military has tested a new ultra-light anti-aircraft system, dubbed Gibka-S. The new vehicle passed the state trials with flying colors, knocking down mock targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Footage of the trials was released by Russia’s Defense Ministry early on Thursday. The short video shows the Gibka-S vehicle firing missiles at several drone targets – and hitting all of them.


The light anti-aircraft system is basically a Russian Tigr armored car fitted with a state-of-art optical and electronic targeting system, as well as weaponry mount suitable for several man-portable anti-aircraft systems (MANPADS).

During the trials, the vehicle was apparently fitted with Igla-type launchers, though it’s said to be able to use any existing Russian-made systems of this sort.


Footage of the trials also shows another Tigr vehicle fitted with a small radar. Russia’s military did not provide any information on this machine, but one can assume it is a support and command vehicle, used together with the Gibka-S.

The new machine is capable of firing its weaponry while traveling at speeds of up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph). Thus the vehicle is able to provide cover for moving military units, knocking down any incoming low-flying targets without slowing down troops’ advance.

RT. com / Russian Defense Ministry 2019.

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Bekaa Valley
Bekaa Valley
08-08-20 22:18

Great innovation?