Nurses say newborn babies are killed all the time because women don’t want them anymore, creating a horror show called infanticide.

In fact, the murder of newborn babies is much more common than most people probably think, as today’s “mothers” simply don’t want to have to deal with the new human life that they carelessly created.

According to Jill Stanek, a former nurse and popular pro-life blogger, infanticide happens all the time. Stanek relayed several horror stories about her personal experiences working in medicine in the state of Illinois, where she and others witnessed horrific baby-murder incidents on more than one occasion.

Stanek explained how Alison Baker, a fellow nurse who actually testified before Congress about infanticide, inherited a patient one time who had just delivered a baby alive.

According to Stanek’s account of what happened, the baby was in the soiled utility room because she (the mother who just gave birth) didn’t want anything to do with him.

Four specialists from the neonatal unit would have been sent over just specifically to care for this baby, Stanek added – that is, if the mother had actually chosen to keep her.

The only people present at her delivery was my nurse friend and an OB/GYN resident, and the child was just kept in the department and wrapped for the two and a half hours that she lived.

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been at least 140 other such cases in which newborn babies were murdered after leaving the womb, and likely falsely coded as either in-womb abortions or spontaneous miscarriages.

Tessa Longbons, a Charlotte Lozier research associate, told Congress back in September that the 143 number she gave them may be a considerable under-count, as only seven states – Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Texas – have provided data on at least 160 babies that survived abortions.

Republicans are trying to pass legislation that would require abortionists to immediately transfer infants who survive abortions to hospitals where they would be given the same level of care as any other newborn child.

The legislation would also require states to report all instances of children born alive after failed attempted abortions. Democrats, however, want these newborn children to be immediately terminated rather than kept alive.

News Target / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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