While NATO has wrapped up its two-day summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, and issues of NATO expansion and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine dominated the headlines, the request by Poland that it enter a nuclear-arms-sharing arrangement with the USA that would see Washington’s B61 nuclear bombs deployed on Polish soil – NATO remained silent?

According to the request from the government of Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki, these weapons would be turned over to specially trained Polish air-force crews for use in any future NATO conflict with Russia.


Left unsaid is the reality that any conflict which had Poland delivering nuclear weapons against a Russian target would almost immediately escalate into a general nuclear exchange between the USA and Russia.

This Zionist move in the destruction of most if not all of humanity.

The Polish request was prompted by the recent Russian decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, where they will be married up with SU-25 aircraft and Iskander-M missiles operated by specially trained Belarusian crews.


The Russia-Belarus nuclear sharing arrangement is part of an overall reassessment by Russia of its nuclear posture in the face of a strategy embarked-on by the United States and NATO that seeks a strategic defeat of Russia in Ukraine.

The Russia-Belarus nuclear sharing agreement closely parallels a similar arrangement between the USA and NATO, where about a hundred B-61 nuclear bombs are stationed on the soil of four NATO nations.

They will be shared with the air forces of five NATO nations (Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.) in a time of war.


The decision to deploy nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil, and to have Belarusian military assets prepared to employ them in a time a war, is indicative of the close relationship that has emerged between Moscow and Minsk.

In the aftermath of domestic unrest in Belarus, following the 2020 Presidential election, Alexander Lukashenko, won a sixth term in office. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has only drawn the two nations closer.

The issue of Poland joining NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangement resurfaced in October 2022 when Polish President Andrzej Duda, alarmed by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, publicly appealed for the US to station B-61 nuclear bombs on Polish soil.


This request, however, failed to gain any traction in either the USA or NATO. Duda’s request, however, was not beyond the pale.

In April 2022 the director of the NATO nuclear policy directorate, Jessica Cox, announced that NATO military planners were updating the mechanics of NATO’s nuclear sharing program to take into account the acquisition by many NATO members of the F-35A fighter.

Four of the five nations involved in this nuclear sharing arrangement (Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany) had agreed to transition to the F-35A (Turkey was supposed to but ran afoul of US sanctions over its purchase of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles.)


Cox indicated that NATO planners were looking at the possibility of integrating F-35A aircraft scheduled to be purchased by Poland, Denmark, and Norway into the nuclear sharing mission (it is assumed that Finland, which recently joined NATO and is purchasing F-35A aircraft, would be part of this integration as well.)

While it is unlikely that either the USA or NATO will, in the future, accede to the Polish Prime Minister’s request to station US B-61 bombs on Polish soil, the NATO communique appears to pave the way for Poland’s F-35A fleet to be integrated into the pool of aircraft available to NATO to deliver those bombs if a nuclear conflict were to ever break out between NATO and Russia.


While the alliance may view such an outcome as contributing to the viability of the NATO nuclear deterrent, the reality is all it does is guarantee that Russia will be compelled to view every F-35A in the NATO arsenal as a potential nuclear threat going forward and to adjust its own response accordingly.

This puts NATO and Russia closer to the possibility of nuclear conflict, an outcome no rational actor could ever view as contributing to the collective peace and security of Europe.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Sam Daniel
Sam Daniel
14-07-23 14:21

Morawiecki will be gone soon. Protests are just starting in Poland against Ukrainians over staying their welcome and Germany will be next. When Ukrainians start taking jobs in the EU and have no plans to return that will help to stop the EU support.

14-07-23 14:23

Those Polish need to be neutralized as soon possible, and whether they are in the USA, or the EU, all I know is they all are some sort of icemen. Criminals. In whatever field they work.

Charito Hernandez
Charito Hernandez
14-07-23 14:31

This just shows how much Poland fears Russia. Should WW3 happen, Russia will survive. Poland and all NATO woke countries will be wiped out