Sputnik interviewed Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, the cousin of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to discuss the health of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi’s son, as well as to discuss the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya’s participation in the inter-Libyan talks.

As far as we know, another round of inter-Libyan talks is planned, this time under the auspices of the UN in Tunisia. Are you going to take part in these talks, and will you help to resolve the Libyan crisis?

Everything that has happened during the Libyan conflict or around it, since 2011, is a continuous attempt to plunge the country into even greater chaos and divide it.

Humiliating agreements were concluded with a number of states that previously wouldn’t have dared to approach the Libyan shores; and now they seek to enter the country and dominate Africa at its expense.

Some organizations are trying to establish a dialogue with us, but they do it rather hesitantly. As for those who have applied for foreign military assistance, they can be called traitors: we would never do such a thing.

They let robbers and invaders into the country, which destroyed Libya for their own benefit. They should be tried for high treason.

We are now calling on the US authorities to investigate what has happened, we are also calling to the world community to investigate the legality of all UN resolutions on Libya, adopted at America’s instigation.

The conspiracy against the Libyan people is finally becoming evident.

We will file a claim to the American courts. At the same time, it’s obvious that no legal process will bring back either dead citizens or a normally functioning state.

We just want everyone to know how cynically they treated our country, and that NATO and the UN Security Council were involved in this murder.

We also demand an apology and compensation for what happened in 2011: all the documents have been made public, there is nothing more to hide. The world has the right to know the truth.

We would be ready to participate in any negotiations so that we could not be accused of unwillingness to compromise and solve problems.

But, unfortunately, the world community is at present not ready to talk to those who are really trying to solve the country’s problems. I can assure you that we are working to unite the parliament and internal institutions.

We’ve come a long way on this matter, and we’ll soon be ready to publish the results. In some cases, silence is the most eloquent speech. Saif al-Islam moves freely around the country, communicating with the representatives of various tribes.

Libya is currently occupied: entering the same political arena with collaborators is pointless. He will definitely come out when the time comes.

If a summit were held between Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, they could resolve the crisis. However, they have conceded their rights as intermediaries to completely different players.

This project has been developing since 2013; it demonstrates very clearly why our country was destroyed. The point is that the so-called green zone is protected by American or other foreign (Italian, French and British) bases.

Moreover, it is in this region that the largest oil and gas fields are located, which means nothing more than complete control over the Libyan state and its natural resources. Of course, this is a direct occupation. We have always opposed this.

We absolutely agree, Obama and Sarkozy should stand trial for the war crimes they committed in Libya. NATO countries should be banned from any business or any deal in Libya and should pay compensation.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Africa Oil & Gas Control News 2020.

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Maduro & Miley
Maduro & Miley
31-10-20 17:32

Ghadaffi had build the most advanced African society, where Muslim women were allowed to go to universities, electricity and internet were free of charge. He also wanted to establish a African Central Bank to promote prosperity. But the French, which own most of Central Africa were against this development?