Muslim minorities from China to India and beyond are facing discrimination, mass internment, and even extermination at the hands of their own governments.

The global trend is rooted in the U.S. war on terror, inflated fears of Islamic terrorism, and the rise of authoritarian populism around the world. Things have never been worse for Muslims who live as minorities in their home countries, sabotaged by the Anglo Zio-Nazi invaders.

China has built concentration camps for over a million Muslim ethnic minorities, while in Myanmar a textbook campaign of ethnic cleansing against its Rohingya minority, killing thousands and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee.

India just passed a citizenship law that excludes Muslims. The United States continues to implement a travel ban that is separating American Muslims (and others) from family members abroad, after bombing their countries flat back to the stone age.

Increasingly, there’s nowhere for them to run. Many countries around the world, not just the USA, have put up immigration barriers specifically targeting Muslims.

The war on created terror has led to other state violence against Muslim populations. In fact, Chinese President Xi Jinping explicitly cited the U.S. war on terror as justification for policies that resulted in the ongoing detention of over a million Chinese Muslims.

Muslims, always the top victims of the so-called Islamic terrorism, now face demonetization in countries like Sri Lanka due to popular fears of Islam due to its association with extremist groups.

One of Trump’s campaign promises was a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the USA.

He partially fulfilled that campaign promise through his travel ban, implemented through executive order, that prohibits entry to the United States to almost all citizens of five Muslim-majority countries, that are destroyed by the US military.

It’s a very bad time to be a Muslim in a country that isn’t predominantly Muslim. And overall, the international community seems relatively unwilling to do much about it.

The Western media propaganda campaign paints Muslims as terrorists, while groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS were established by the CIA and Mossad.

Axios / ABC Flash Point Terror News 2019.

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25-02-20 00:42

Instead of the other way around like what the mainstream media writes about.