A military helicopter has crashed in the northeastern Iraqi Salah ad Din Governorate, killing all five crew members on board, Sky News Arabia reported on Thursday. The 5 Iraqi troops were killed on when their helicopter crashed on a “combat mission” north of Baghdad.

Video footage of the helicopter crash sent to journalists in Baghdad showed firefighters attempting to put out a blaze in the wreckage of the aircraft.


The helicopter that came down was one of two that had been checking pylons carrying high-voltage power lines in the area, a frequent target for holdout terrorists in recent months.

As the two aircraft approached Amerli district, one of them took a “direct hit” which forced it down. Sleeper terrorist cells in desert and mountain areas have also used as launchpads for attacks in Iraq’s cities.

A July 19, 2021 suicide bombing claimed by the Sunni extremists killed 30 people in a street market in a Shiite district of Baghdad.


Elsewhere in the country, at least two rockets hit Baghdad’s US Military Green Occupation Zone early, but caused no casualties, Iraqi security sources said. One rocket landed in a parking lot inside the Green Zone and a second one hit a nearby empty area.

The dawn attack came as Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi was flying home from Washington after White House talks in which President Joe Biden announced an end to US combat operations in Iraq.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.

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Hopefully they are all Americunts and none is Iraqi. I suspect it was shot down and they won’t admit it.