A shooting attack @ an Electronic Music Festival in Mexico’s Caribbean coast resort of Playa del Carmen left 5 people dead and 16 wounded, including security guards on duty @ the Blue Parrot nightclub, just south of Cancun.

The attorney general of Quintana Roo state said, three of the dead were part of the security detail. Playa del Carmen has largely been spared the violence that has hit other parts of Mexico.

The police told the Milenio TV station that the shooting was the result of a disagreement between people inside the nightclub and pointed out that security personnel had come under fire, when they tried to contain the dispute.

According to the Mexican authorities, the victims were an American, a Colombian, an Italian and a couple of Canadians. The Italian and Canadian embassy’s confirmed the reports.

The dance concert events have again confirmed that they have their flip side, as the public is usually on some kind of drugs, like cocaine, XTC or Cristal Med sold by gangs hanging around in tourist resorts.

ABC / AA Magnum News 2017.

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
07-09-23 12:17

Cocaine dispute between Canadians, an Italian and a Colombian?