Widespread mental illness in the USA is the sad reason for all these mass shootings happening over the last couple of decades.

In less than 220 days there have been 250 mass shootings in America. This pattern will only continue because no one wants to address this fundamental truth.

The disappointment and frustration being felt is prompting millions to take pills to counteract depression, anxiety, and anger issues. Not being able to face the harsh reality of life, Americans are fleeing through opioids, anti-depressants and alcohol.

Mass murderers hate themselves and want to kill themselves. As has been demonstrated by many psychologists, this intense self-hatred often is re-directed outwards.

However, Democratic politicians and progressives are currently busy blaming Republicans and in particular Donald Trump for the horrific murders over the past weekend in El Paso. Having seen the carnage and the blood, they now smell blood.

Over the next few months poorly educated pundits, pseudo journalists and fake but opportunistic politicians will be using this tragedy to blame Trump as a dog whistling racist and white nationalist.

What will be missing from this rabid attack on the president will be the root cause of mass shootings, and this insanity does not stop with the mass shootings.

The Russia gate hoax is another example of rationality being replaced by a hyper-emotional derailment that only deeply disturbed individuals display.

The current attempt to blame acts of brutal violence on ordinary Americans who, quite rightly, oppose illegal immigration and who prefer “idiot Trump” instead of the arrogant and out of touch Democrats is only going to push America into two diametrically opposed camps.

This conflict can only escalate over time because the Democrats and progressives are quite unhinged, seeing themselves as righteous Zealots or Saviors. When you add pride to an already toxic mixture there is bound to be an explosion at some point.

But don’t look at the Russians when that happens; look to homeward angel, because America is now the largest insane asylum in the world.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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28-02-20 17:07

Pill popping nation?

Reply to  Annuaki
29-07-20 23:32

Pushed up by repeating commercials?

Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo
18-03-21 11:24

The mentall illness issues are even pushed behind their borders, destroying nations in exchange for mining or oil extraction contracts?